What's Another Shock? Part 13

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23rd October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

It was a tense wait while Mrs Beemer and I were sitting in the waiting room at the doctors again a few days after having all those tests done.

Mrs Beemer is sitting there as calm as a crab in warm water while I'm sitting there bouncing my feet on the floor with my hands clasped between my knees which were shaking somewhat.

Was I nervous, I have to say that I was. I wondered what else was wrong with me apart from what he told me the other day about the gluten.

Just a change in dietary needs was all that was needed we were thinking. But I have the feeling that it might be something else as well. The feeling not a good one either.

So waiting in the doctors waiting room was making me very nervous the longer that we were made to wait.

"Doctor will see you now, Miss West." I heard the nurse say as she approached me.

I didn't hear her approaching since I was feeling so nervous. So when she spoke, it statled me and I jumped in my seat a little.

Of course Mrs Beemer was still as calm as a crab like I mentioned earlier and clamly stood up and helped me by ushering me along in front of her to follow the nurse.

A moment later, we were ushered into the room where we sat before the doctors desk and waited a little more.

"The doctor will be with you shortly." The nurse said as she left the room with a smile leaving Mrs Beemer and I sitting there looking around the room at the various pieces of medical equipment that lined the walls of the room.

"Hello Sarah. It's good that you got back to me. I have some more results which I felt you needed to know about." He said as he walked into the room and shut the door behind him.

"What's wrong?" I asked him being blunt and getting to the point.

I don't have much time to waste these days so I want to know what any problems there are so I can deal with them and get on with life.

"Nothing's wrong persay. But have you ever heard of coeliac disease?" He asked me and I have to say that I was feeling really sick in the stomach knowing I had a disease.

"Can it be fixed?" I asked him looking and feeling worried.

"It's not that kind of disease. We talked about being gluten intolerant the other day when you were here. Do you remember?" He asked me which had me nodding my head at him.

" Yes. Mrs Beemer and I looked through all the brouchures that the nurses gave us and we've adjusted my diet accordingly." I said to him very quickly with a small smile I gave to him.

"Well, what you have isn't an intolernat to gluten. What you have is actually Coeliac Disease which is more complex. It's means more than just adjusting your diet, it means radically changing it. This is a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food. Your immune system is involved where gluten is now concerned and your bowel will be permanently damaged if left untreated. That's why I have called you back in. We need to look at a few more little tests to see what damage has been done to your intestines and bowels and go from there." The doctor was saying to me but it had me thinking of other things as well.

" Can coeliac disease be cured?" I asked him and he looked like he was waiting for me to ask him since he smiled straight away.

"People with coeliac disease remain sensitive to gluten throughout their life, so in this sense they are never cured. However, a strict gluten free diet does allow the condition to be managed effectively." He started to say before continuing.

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