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Owen arranges for Kota and Gabriel to stay with Pookie while we are questioning her attacker. It's been a rough night, but she's finally resting, and I can't help but want to stay behind and personally make sure she's safe.

"Now remember," I whisper, "this place isn't like the Academy hospital back in Charleston. Keep a low profile, and just tell them that you are family if they ask." I make a note on her chart that her family needs to be kept close, and that no nurses or orderlies should approach her without myself or one of the boys present. Let her sleep, and message me if anything comes up. We can be back in," I look over at Owen, who finishes for me-

"-fifteen minutes. We can be back here quickly, so keep us apprised, gentlemen."

We step out of the room and I immediately discard my tie and white jacket. We walk in silence until we exit the building, cautious of anyone overhearing our plans.

As we settle into Owen's car, he cranks up the heat and then turns to me.

"How do we want to handle this, Sean? I know that personally, I want to rip his intestines out through his nasal cavity, but I realize that that may not be the best approach." He runs his fingers through his hair and bangs his head against the back of his seat a couple of times.

"Well," I pause to think. "As much as I would like to see you do just that, perhaps we shouldn't let on who Sang is to us. Not at the beginning, anyway."

We sit in silence for a few minutes, the only sound being the steady patter of rain striking the windows.

"What if-"

"Do you remember how-" we say at the same time. Owen inclines his head asking me to go first.

"Do you remember the Maribelli gig?" I hum, tapping my chin and piecing together the beginnings of a plan. I shake my head and smirk. "Of course you do, you remember everything. Anyway, remember what Tom did? With the camera and the water? Do you think we can pull something like that off?"

I can see the wheels spinning behind Owen's eyes and he nods while strumming his fingers on the steering wheel. "Yes, Sean, that's perfect. Do you have your bag with you?" I nod, remembering that I had put it in his trunk last night, and he grins evilly. I'm his best friend, but even I get goosebumps from the malice in his expression. "You're going to need your lab coat again. I'll phone ahead to make sure that our contact inside the local P.D. is able to get us an undisturbed half of an hour with the prisoner, and then we can get to it."

He outlines his plan and it's scary how well he plays the role of evil genius.


I wake slightly from a disturbed slumber, and the events of last night bowl me over. I whimper and a strong arm tightens around my shoulders. I realize that someone is in the bed with me, holding me from behind, and I relax when I catch a whiff of Kota's spice cologne.

"Shh, Trouble," Gabriel whispers from the chair beside me. "Go back to sleep. You're safe here with us, okay?"

I nod and Kota strokes my arm gently, lulling me back under. Gabriel begins to hum something soft and melodic, and I succumb to sleep once more.


Officer Reed takes Owen and me down the hallway to the last interrogation room.  He looks at us, taking our measure, and nods. 

"You'll have as much time as you need, boys.  The asshole has been pissing everyone off.  He's already in there."  He looks us over once more.  "You sure you don't need backup?"

Owen smirks!  He actually smirks, and Officer Reed takes a step back.

"Alright then.  Do what you must.  Your friends got my wife out of a really bad situation, and she'll skin me alive if I don't help you.  Try not to leave any marks on the bastard, and pass on my wife's regards to the Anderson family."  He hands Owen a key ring and walks away.

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