xxxii. paint

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It was nearly one in the morning by the time Gwen got back to the apartment, earning Indie's attention who sat on the floor with an artboard set out on the coffee table in front of her. It wasn't that it had taken Gwen all night to walk home. She was only a few blocks away, that could have taken minutes to get home but instead she found herself in a booth at a bar under her fake I.D. and the name Taylor Stacy.

"Hey, you're back late," Indie looked up from the paint brush on the thick medium she applied it too. "Did River keep you busy?" She asked.

"Not particularly, no," Gwen said coldly and shut the door to the apartment quietly. "Why are you still up?"

"Finishing up a project," she pointed. "Once I get into something I don't like to stop. Kind of ruins the flow." Indie explained and set her brush down against the paint palette. "Is everything alright? You're acting cold again. Like you were when we first met."

"I'm fine," Gwen swallowed. "Is Harry asleep?"

Indie frowned, not completely convinced by her. She looked over the image and took in the painted colors, deciding what would be next. "Are you sure? Did everything go alright with you and River's date?"

"I bailed on that," she shrugged her shoulders and leaned down, pulling her shoes off her feet and set them down in the closet at the front door. The blonde seemed unfazed as she rolled her neck, inhaling before slowly letting the breath escape her lungs.

"What?" Indie frowned. "Why? You were looking so forward to that this morning."

"That was until I came to the conclusion that he's always going to pick you over me or anyone for that matter," Gwen argued, this time a little angrier. She was hurt. She didn't know why that was, she knew River was closer to Indie than anyone else but she had had a little hope that maybe one day she could be more important. She knew it was ridiculous to be this affected by it this early into their relationship as it had only been a few weeks but she wanted a future with him. She could see one with him, one where he was the most important person to her but it was clear she wasn't going to be that for him.

"What are you talking about?" Indie laughed, not seeing the big picture. It wasn't possible for her to see it. It didn't affect her the way it effected Gwen, or even Harry for that matter but for some reason, Gwen could see it didn't bother Harry. "You knew he was my best friend, Gwen."

"Yeah, best friend," she groaned. "He called you his soulmate, Indie."

"Okay?" She asked, not seeing the big deal in it all. When River and Indie were in high school, Indie had just broken up with her first boyfriend and she was devastated. Now, she saw how ridiculous she was because her first boyfriend sucked. However, at the time, her teenage heart thought it was broken forever. The only thing that kept her afloat was River and him never giving up on her. It was then that they decided no matter what, no matter who broke their heart or who took them, they would always have each other. They were each other's soulmate. They'd be with each other until the end.

"Okay? You do realize how that would make a person in a relationship with him would feel, don't you?" She asked. "And what about Harry? How do you think it makes him feel?"

"Gwen, you're reading into something that is really nothing," Indie rolled her eyes and began mixing an off center white on the palette to detail the bodies. Gwen looked at the brunette in disbelieve, not understanding how to couldn't see it.

"It's not nothing," she argued. "Soulmate, Indie. People don't use that lightly."

Indie tossed her head back and set her brush back down, standing up from her seat on the floor. "I'm aware, Gwen. We aren't using it lightly but it's not in the context you're taking it. River is my soulmate, he's my person. When and if Harry breaks my heart, he's the person I turn to. He is my world, because he's always been there and we've lost a lot. Both of us. The only thing that has kept us together is each other. I get that it sounds strange and people don't understand the way we function together but it's the way it is. Don't make him pick between you and me, because he'll pick me. The same way I'd pick him over Harry."

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