Leaving camp sight but more injuries and return of Chibi naru

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It was time to leave the camp sight as everyone was packing up as menma woke up only to see that naruto was gone as he got worried as he got out of bed and walked out the room into the living room as he sees only Kyuubi who was just as worried, as him they both looked at eachother with worried looks.

Menma and both Kyuubi both bust into the Uchiha's room waking them up "Sasukie" Menma yelled "itachi" Kyuubi also yelled as sasuke was already up as he glared at the since he had a headache, while itachi seemed lke he was packing and looked at Kyuubi wondering what was wrong as for Sasukie he just woke up as he groaned unhappy about being woken up "what is it" Sasuke asked as he looked at the two but he didnt see naruto which slightly worried him "oh um Kyuubi" Menma says looking at his older, brother "Naruto is missing we cant find him in the cabin or on camping grounds" Kyuubi says as sasuke got up "YOU.CANT.WHAT!" Sasuke yelled as he looked at the two as itachi had too try and calm him brother down from his rage while for Sasukie made sure Sasuke didn't grab the closes item he can throw which is him, the beds, the desk, suitcases, drawers, books, pencils, pins, etc.

"We're sorry" Menma says putting both his hands up in defeat as Sasuke broke free put his shoes on since he was already dressed and ran out the cabin to fine Naruto.

While for Naruto he managed to hid himself in a bush as he had turned back into his chibi size as he curl into a ball as his stayed quiet as he heard someone they seemed like they were looking for him as they kept giving out taunting words as Naruto started, shaking heavily not wanting to be found out by them.

but after he didn't hear the person for a long time he let out a tiny sigh "NARUTO" he heard someone call out as he tensed up and accidently moved the leaves to far from his hiding spot as he tried to recover it, he heard foot steps as it stopped "Naruto" the person says as Naruto turned around only to see Sasuke as he wimpered and ran over to the uchiha and hugged Sasuke's leg well tried but Sasuke had picked him up and held the small Naruto in his "oh Naruto what happened to you while I wasn't, around" Sasuke says worried as he patted naruto's back before heading to the cabin secretly.  

It was now time to leave the camping grounds and head for the bus as Kyuubi stayed with little naru as he waved good by before turning into a fox and ran off while leaving Sasuke, Sasukie, Itachi, and Menma with all the bags they had to carry.

So they got on the bus and sat down Sasuke and Sasukie sat together while Itachi in the back "Hi Sasuke-kun" Sakura says smiling since she didn't see Naruto anywhere but Menma was beside Itachi though he really wanted to be beside Sasukie, but Sasuke wouldn't let him so he was disappointed while they all stayed quick though sakura was really testing his patience though cause she wouldn't leave him alone so he decided to put his headphones in his ears and listen to music but he had to slap her hand away just, so she wouldn't try to listen to what he was listening to so Sasuke got up and moved with Menma and sat with his older brother Itachi so he could stay away form sakura as he was now by the window as he ignored everyone around him except for his brother Itachi who would make, small talk with him from time to time.

They finally made it home as Sasuke groaned as he had a big headache from all the people talking and sakura who once again tried to fallow him which wasn't gonna happen anytime soon.

But soon once Sasuke opened the door he saw Kyuubi holding a little naruto who jumped into Sasuke arms.

Menma looked at naruto worried "let's hurry up inside before some one has the idea of trying to break in" Itachi says as they nodded and walked in closing the door behind them and went into the living "man this sucks" menma says as he was mad "that camping thing was horrible" Sasuke says as he groaned again and sat down while naruto clung to Sasuke shirt and buried his face in Sasuke neck.

"The camp trip was the worse because of Sakura and Ino" Sasukie says as he plopped down and covered his face "yup if only they learn they cant always have what they want" Itachi says crossing his arms while, Kyuubi nodded "I'm gonna have to start taking this little guy A.K.A. Kitsu back to school with me isn't that right hmm" Sasuke says as Naruto just nodded and didn't even lift his head up.

"I wish my brother could just be left alone and I'm pretty sure that one days those two are going to regret it" Kyuubi says crossing his arms as his nine tails wagged slightly "but us foxes are not easy to control when were angry" Kyuubi says again as he, smirked slightly and chuckled "ok now your starting to scare me" Sasukie says as he hugged Menma "don't worry as long as our mates are with us we'll be fine no harm will be done to anyone at all" Kyuubi says leaning on Itachi while smiling softly.

"Wait how dangerous can you guy be" Sasukie asked curiously "they can he very dangerous" itachi says "oh so you know about the attach huh" kyuubi says while itachi nodded "I was only a boy when it happened while sasuke and sasukie were babies" itachi says.

"Naruto and Menma were just born when it happened" kyuubi says as he looked at his twin younger brothers who looked at him confused.


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