His eyes. They were the first thing I noticed of him that night I met him. Why, you ask? Because those were eyes of a killer.

The one's probably most people he victimised looked into as they died. Those haunting green eyes of his. He was definitely not one to be messed with.

I didn't need to question to know he was. Or what he was. He was known all around Portland. Non the less, America. Every pack was warned of him. But they never could prepare them self for a path of destruction.

That's why nobody dared mess with him. Nobody could take him down. And most wondered what made him so strong. Or well, so blood thirsty. The answer is simple, his rage.

He didn't have a easy life when he was young. Rumour is that another pack had killed his family and now he was out for vengeance.

Others believed he did it because he was mentally sick and just craved mayhem. Some just believed he was misunderstood.

Me? I wasn't sure what to believe. Honestly, I wasn't one of those people who stayed up night and day wondering about the mysterious, dangerous rogue.

Maybe that's why fate decided to be.. well, a bitch, and stick me with him. Fate cursed me with one of the most ruthless, cold hearted, malicious murderers of all of America. I was The Rogue's Mate.

The Rogue's Mate - Chapter One.

"Ms. Mars!"

I groan, moving my head and positioning it comfortably on my folded arms. I was tired. A lot more then tired. I couldn't believe it was already time for school, I just wanted to sleep for another eight hours. "Five more minutes," I mumble, reaching for my pillow to bury my head under it, only to find.. a pencil?

Why did I have a pencil in my bed? And why did my bed feel like wood? And why-

"Ms. Mars, wake up. This is a place for learning, not sleeping!"

I jump up abruptly from that. Only to be greeted by the face of Mr. Matthews staring down at me with his beady little eyes.

I hear numerous snickers from all around me. I look around the room slowly, seeing all my other class mates laughing. At me.

I glower at them, like they hadn't fallen asleep in class? Everyone has! Or well, I think so.

"Ms. Mars, if you fall asleep one more time in my class, I will be forced to give you a dentition." He warns, wagging a finger in my face like I was a naughty child who had just been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

I sunk deeper into my seat and pulled my hoodie up closer to my face, as if I wanted to just bury myself away in it and hide. And I did. "It won't happen again." I say, although in the back of my head I knew it probably would.

He gave me one last glare before walking back to the front of the class, going on about something that didn't interest me one bit.

I glance to the clock. Five minutes. He had awaken me for five minutes to hear about his stupid lesson. Really?

I stuff all my books away in my bag, just wanting to get out of this damn school. Once the bell rung, I bolted from my seat like lightening, making my way out the door and to my locker.

Around me, students rushed and pushed their way out of the school, laughing and talking about what there plans were for the weekend. I, unfortunately, wasn't one of those teenagers who would make plans to hang out with friends.

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