Natasha ~lemon~

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-just forget the Clintsha at the beginning-

Me: I reach into the bag and pull out a necklace. A simple black-widow on a chain. I recognize this item right away, after all I gave it to her. "Naa-aaat!" I say in a sing-song voice. "Guess who." I hold up the necklace and she smirks.

Nat: "Well well well, must be my lucky day."

Me: I smirk and hand her the necklace. She puts it on and we link arms as we walk into the closet. Just seconds after the door closes Nat pulls me in for a kiss. We have been dating for 2 months now, but have been flirting for years so the guys never suspected anything. It started on a mission when we had to distract a group of guys by kissing. Back then the kiss was soft and sweet, but her kiss now is hot and needy. I kiss her back and shove my tongue in her mouth. She is wearing her jumpsuit so I reach my hand around her and slowly start to un-sip it. Our tongues battle with no clear winner. We break for air and I look at her when I notice the almost animalistic look in her eyes. "Nat, *pant* w-we only have 7 minutes." She nods and whispers in my ear.

Nat: "Follow me."

She moves over to under the vent then tells me to step back as she pulls a box out to stand on. She opens the vent then climbs in.

Nat: *pokes head out* "You coming?"

Me: "You will be." I smirk and she blushes a little then helps me up. I follow her through the vents, checking her ass out the whole way, till we reach an opening and she jumps down. I do the same and realize we are in her room. "Perfect." I go over to her door and lock it then push her onto the bed and connect our lips. She wraps her arms around my neck as I take off her jumpsuit. Her hands fumble with the buttons of my shirt then, frustrated, she rips them off. She flips us and begins to viscously attack my neck. I start moaning as she takes off my jeans so now we are both hot, bothered, and almost naked. I flip us again and kiss her neck. I reach her sweet spot and leave a huge hickey marking her as mine. I remove her bra and move down to her right breast. I put the nipple into my mouth and abuse it while rolling the other between my thumb and finger. Her moans get louder and are almost musical. I switch breasts and move my unused hand down to her soaking womanhood. "Oooo Nat, so wet already?" I tease her by slipping my finger past her black lace panties and into her.

Nat: "AHHHHHH!!!"

Me: I play with her slowly and tease her cilt with my thumb. "Tell me what you want."

Nat: "(Y-Y/N)...*moan*..Please! Please stop...stop teasing me!"

Me: I smirk and move my head up to next to her ear. "Let me hear how you want it."

Nat: "Fucking Hell! (Y/N) if you don't fuck me with your tongue right now I will make you regret it!"

Me: "Yes ma-am." I crash her lips with mine once again before moving down and removing her panties. I strip as well, giving her a little show, before I move my mouth to her aching pussy. I give her a long, slow lick before plunging my tongue in her. She starts to squirm so I grip her hips to keep her in place. She is moaning non-stop and quite loudly now. I move my mouth to her cilt and stick 3 fingers in her. She screams in pleasure as I move my tongue and hand in sync rather quickly. "Mmmm, so sweet. Say my name." She dose as told and soon starts to scream my name. Her juices gush out and I eagerly catch them and clean her. She pulls me up for a kiss.

Nat: "Your turn."

Me: She pulls my hips up and I grip the head rest as her tongue meets my cilt. Her tongue ravishes my sex as her fingers massage my cilt. Now I am the one screaming as she abuses my cilt and sex simultaneously. I can't keep still. As I ride her face I feel a familiar knot in my stomach tighten. "AHH! NAT I'M.......AHHHHHHH!!!!" I feel the knot burst as red stars cross my vision. I collapse on the bed next to her and wrap my arms around her. She pulls the sheet over us and whispers.

Nat: "Good night Sweetheart. I love you."

Me: "I love you too. Natasha."

~Next morning~

Steve, Clint, Tony, and Thor are in the lounge when Nat and I walk in.

Tony: "You girls have fun last night?"

Me: "I dare say I did." I hug Nat from behind as she pours two cups of coffee. "After all, I actually got some." Clint busts out laughing, Steve shakes his head,Tony pouts, and Thor is thoroughly confused. "Come on guys, you know I'm about as strait as Destiel."

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