July 26, 2036

"How many times do I have to tell you, Lauren? The rumors aren't true! I love you, not Austin," I head my mom, well, one of them anyways, shout from downstairs.

"Then why are there pictures all over twitter, instagram, tumblr and, god knows where else, of him practically eating your face?"

"It's photo-shopped! I've told you that a million times! Why won't you believe me?"

Yeah, mom. Why won't you believe her? She believed you when rumors about you and Keaton were going around. Why can't you do the same? Don't you see you're tearing this family apart?

"Because Camila, you and Austin have a history together!"

"Lauren, that was thirteen years ago! What? Do you not trust me or something?"

"No, it's him I don't trust."

"You know, Lauren. I think it's time to stop this."

"What do you mean by 'this'?"


By now, their shouting had gone to whispers. I knew what was coming. I knew it had been coming for a long time. I couldn't bring myself to say it, but I knew it was inevitable.

"Cameron! Can you come down for a second," my other mom, Lauren shouts.

I slowly make my way down the stairs and to the living room. When, I walk in, they're sitting next to each other, holding hands, as if they're Rose and Jack, trying to spend every last second together because they know that being together is something out of a fantasy now. I can see that both of them have been crying.

"Honey, I think you're going to need to sit down for this," Camila said, almost whispering.

I sit down in the middle of them, the way I always do when we're together, at the dinner table, movies, or just sitting and watching TV together. But now, it just doesn't seem right.

"Cam," Lauren said, placing her hand on my arm, "we know you're not stupid, or deaf. We know you've been hearing our arguments lately. And we know you know what's about to come next."

I felt a tear escape because I also knew she was right and I was terrified of it.

"No," I whispered, just loud enough for them to hear me.

"I'm so sorry, Cam, but it's true," Camila choked out. I could practically hear her heart shattering inside her chest.

"No, it's not true. You're going to make up and take me out for ice cream, like you always do!"

"Not this time, sweet heart."

"Please. Please, don't," I whisper, crying into Lauren's shoulder.

"We're sorry," Lauren said, comforting me, "But me and your mother are getting a-"

"NO! DON'T YOU CARE SAY THAT WORD!" I shouted, standing up.

"A divorce, Cammy. We're getting a divorce, "Camila said, putting her hand on my shoulder, "Now, since you're fifteen, we think that you should pick who you want to live with. You don't have to decide now, but soon because your mom is moving out next month."

"I don't need to decide, because I either stay with both of you or niether of you. And don't call me 'Cammy' mom."

I ran upstairs to my room and locked the door before they had a chance to say anything. I started rummaging through my closet for the little time machine my Grandpa Michael had given to me when I was seven.

I still hear his voice saying, "Now listen boy, you only use this for emergencies. Not because you failed a test or because you struck out with some girl. Only for real emergencies." That was the last time I talked to him before he passed that summer. 

I turned over the small machine and read the instructions:

1.) Place feet firmly on ground. Okay, check

2.) Clear all pockets of all metal, keys, loose change, etc. I emptied all my pockets out on the bed. Check

3.) Press red button and say where you want to go. Happy traveling! :)

This almost seemed too easy. Papa J, I hope your little invention works.

I pressed the red button and said, "I want to go back to when my mom's were happy."

I closed my eyes and then I heard a bunch of screaming girls. Where am I? I looked around and saw that I was in a mall, it looked like The Hard Rock Cafe in Miami where me, Camila, and Lauren live, or used to live anyway..

"Umm.. Excuse me," I said, tapping on a girl's shoulder, "Why are there a bunch of screaming girls here?"

"Omg, Fifth Harmony is performing here in twenty minutes. Can you believe it?"

Fifth Harmony? Where did I know that name from?

"Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for FIFTH HARMONY!" Queue millions, or what seemed like millions, of screaming fans.

Five girls stepped on the stage and all of them looked extremely familiar.

"I'm breaking down, gonna start from scratch. Shake it off like an etch-a-sketch," one of them sang. I knew that voice.


(a/n: OMg I hope you like it because this is gonna be so fun to write. Okay, so I can't put a cast list on the side, so just imagine Logan Lerman as Cameron. I hope to have the next chapter up by next Tuesday. Spread the flove y'all!)

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