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Hii guys! So although I didn't get the required amount of comments last preference I realised I don't care. I come on here to write no matter how many people read or comment on my work!

So this One Shot is for: sophie5522! Hope you enjoy it babe! Even though its quite short!

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"Ugh," I groaned, finally feeling the ache in my feet from walking all day in heels. Working really took a toll on my mood and my physique.

Taking a sip from the cup of hot chocolate I previously bought because of the cold, my eyes scanned over everyone. That usually gave me something to do while I walked 15 minutes towards my flat. Unless a load of money magically appeared on my doorstep a car was out of the question.

With my arms wrapped around my body I ducked my head down and try to fight the cold. Wind was whipping at my hair erratically and there was nothing I could do.

"And over here guys is-oof!" A familiar male voice grunted just as we bump into each other.

"Ouch." I groaned, rubbing my head. The hot cocoa that was basically keeping me alive spilt all over the ground and onto my heels. Gross.

"Oh bloody hell are you okay?!" He exclaimed, gripping onto my arm. I looked up into his eyes and nearly gasped at the sight.

"Finn! Holy crap you're one of my favourite YouTubers!"

"Thanks, it means a lot. But still are you okay?" Finn questioned, blushing slightly at my comment.

"Oh, me? Yeah I'm fine! Just scared me is all!" He pointed down at my spilt drink with the hand that wasn't holding his camera and chuckled.

"Can I buy you a new drink? Otherwise it'll be on my conscious all day."

"Oh you don't have to!" I exclaimed, still shook en up over the fact I was actually talking to him.

"No I insist. By the way, I never caught your name."

"Sophia, my names Sophia. And I would love to get hot chocolate with you-I mean not with you um for you to buy me hot chocolate- I mean not that you have to but-"

Finn put his finger to my lip to silence me, "I'm just a normal guy, you don't have to be so nervous. And I'd love to take you out for hot chocolate. I can even vlog it!"

He slung an arm around my shoulders in a friendly manner and led me back the direction I was coming from towards Starbucks. It felt so surreal to just be near him, let alone getting cocoa with him.

"So where you coming from?" I'm asked just as he opened the door for me.

After silently thanking him I answer, "A long day at work. My boss is a total douche. You?"

"My flat. I was just doing a bit of a vlog on the way until I bumped into you."

"Oh I hope I didn't ruin it!" I blushed, walking up to the counter. Finn ordered two hot chocolates and put down the required money for them.

"Not quite actually. You've made it better. Now I can put you in it."

"No no I'm not a good camera person." He smirked, leading us over to a small window booth.

"Well you have no choice. I insist."

And of course I couldn't refuse.

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