58 | Darling Liar

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AS TINKER BELL LED the group throughout the island of children, Indiana Jones found herself coming to a sudden halt when they spotted Rumplestiltskin and Regina Mills emerging from the bushes a few feet in front of them. They each stood in a line with their weapons aimed at them, for they had thought they were Peter and the Lost Boys. They quickly lowered their firearms once they knew whom it was that was making their way toward them.

"Well, if this is your version of a rescue party, we got here just in time," Regina commented, slightly gesturing toward Rumplestiltskin who stood behind her. Snow White wondered what the two of them were doing. "Same as you, except we actually have a chance. Pandora's Box." She motioned to the box in Rumplestiltskin's hands. "It could trap Pan for eternity simply by opening the lid."

Indiana Jones's entire body stiffened at the sight of the box. Her whole life had been flipped upside down for the second time because of Pandora's Box. Funny how quickly times had changed.

"You didn't tell me my father was with her," Baelfire stated with a lowered voice.

"I didn't know," Emma whispered.

"Wait, the Dark One is your father?" Tinker Bell asked in surprise.

"Yeah," Neal confirmed. "And he's not getting anywhere near Henry. There's a prophecy that says Henry will be his undoing. He didn't come here to protect Henry. He came here to kill him."

Everyone turned to stare at Rumplestiltskin, completely startled and flabbergasted. "That's why you didn't want to find Neal before you got Henry back?" Regina questioned. "Because you knew he'd spill your secret."

"Everything I did was to protect Henry, to rescue him from Pan," Rumplestiltskin defended through gritted teeth.

"It all makes sense," Emma realized, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows. "You left before we even made shore."

Snow nocked an arrow into her bow. "You wanted to get to Henry first..." the princess trailed off angrily.

"To be on his own," David continued as he withdrew his sword.

"So no one could stop you..." Indiana muttered, holding her whip with a tight grip.

"So you can kill him," Regina finished for them.

"It's not gonna happen," Emma spat. "Not unless you go through all of us first."

"You're making a mistake," Rumplestiltskin stated in attempt to defend himself. Everyone stayed still. "I don't care if the boy is destined to be my undoing. I won't hurt him."

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