part 1

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It had been two days since Nevaeh had arrived at Miss Peregrine's, and up until now she had been keeping to herself. She tried not interacting with anyone, coming to dinner late and not leaving her room unless it was absolutely necessary.

She wasn't very happy about her 'peculiaritie' as they called it, in fact she absolutely loathed it.

In old folklore there are legends about great angels and horrific demons battling for dominance of earth and
Nevaeh was the descendant of the angel Gabriel.

She used to have wings until a terrible accident involving her last loop stripped her of their beauty. But that is not the thing that Nevaeh hated the most, because once you gaze upon her face you are instantly drawn to her eyes. Her blood red eye and her sapphire blue one.

As she lay on her bed cursing every human to ever walk the earth, there was a knock on the door.

"Nevaeh, could you please come out for a moment?" Miss Peregrine's voice came rattling through the door.

"Okay, you stupid bird." She replied, saying the last part much more quietly as she got to her feet and opened the door.

Once she stepped out into the landing she was instantly grabbed by Miss Peregrine and led down stairs.

"It's been two days since you arrived and you just simply have to properly meet the others because if you leave it any longer then it'll seem rude and there's nothing worse than seeming rude on first impressions." Miss Peregrine said as they reached the second floor.

"Miss Peregrine, I dont think that's a good idea." Nevaeh said, her voice almost pleading.

"Why ever not child?"

"I just don't like meeting new people."

"Well I'm afraid your just going to have to suck it up." Miss peregrine stated as they reached the parlour door, "Children meet our new guest."

Nevaeh had never felt so overwhelmed in her whole life because there infront of her were the most peculiar looking bunch she'd ever seen, there was a girl with gloves on up to her elbows, a boy with a net over his face, twins she imagined wearing some sort of clown costumes, a girl with severely heavy looking shoes and a pair of 'floating' clothes!

She felt a nudge at her side, "Go and say hello," Miss Peregrine smiled, "and be nice children, I'll be in the kitchen." and with a blink, she was gone.

"Hello." she said quietly as the girl with heavy shoes came up to her.

"Hello, I'm Emma, nice to meet you." Emma smiled, "welcome to Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children."
Just then a little girl in a pink dress came over.

"Hi, I'm Claire, I like your dress." she said.

Its only then that Nevaeh properly looked at the dress that miss peregrine had given her, a lilac dress with a white trimming.

"Thank you, I like yours too." Just then a boy barged passed her and went upstairs.

"Don't mind Enoch," Emma nodded as she noticed the frown on Nevaeh's face, "its just the way he is."

After the introduction between her and the other peculiars, it was dinner time.

She sat in the dining room with the others, eating quietly, when Hugh piped up,

"So Nevaeh, what's your peculiaritie, you never said?"

At that moment the whole table went silent, waiting for her reply.

"Um, apart from my weird eye thing, I have wings, well, I used to." she said with a trace of a smile.

"That's cool, all I can do is be a home for bees, no offense guys." The table laughed at what Hugh said while he was looking at his bees.
Nevaeh laughed aswell but she glanced around the table and noticed that Enoch was staring at her, quite intently.

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