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make love to me .....<3

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Madison's p.o.v

me: yes ... i would love to be your girlfriend .

i jumped on her and kissed her with so much passion . i heard 'awwwww' behind me and i pulled away i looked back and saw everyone smiling i blushed and burried my face in her neck .

justice: .... you ready to go home ?

me: yea ...

justice: guys can you take me and maddy home ?

me: wait ..... can i sleep over at your house ?

justice: yea my mom is gone anyway *smirk*

me: *giggles* okay

prince took us home and as soon as i closed the door behind justice she attached me with kisses . she slipped her tongue in my mouth and i sucked on it earning a moan . she pulled away and lead kisses down to my neck then she got to that spot that made me go crazy. i couldn't take it any longer i pushed her on the couch and fell ontop of her . i kissed her lips roughly biting on it . she pulled away and looked at me with lust in her eyes .

justice: make love to me .....

me: no problem ....

a/n: sex scene ? no ? okay * walks away with girl porno (lmao :})

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