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I was waiting in the car for Louis. I heard someone open the back door."Hey Lou" I said turning back to see Lou with someone in his jacket. "Hey mate" he chimed as he set the little girl down at buckled her up. "Uh Louis, why do you have a child?" I asked. "She doesn't have a name,I found her sitting out by the shop." he said taking off his jacket and putting it on the girls lap.

"What are you going to so with her?" I said turning back around to see her holding onto the jacket and looking out the window."I don't know yet, I was thinking of keeping her." Lou said getting in the passenger seat. "Are you crazy? You can keep her, we're on tour" I said driving out of the parking lot. "I know that, i mean how hard can it be?" He said.

We had finally arrived at the hotel and Louis grabbed the girl and I grabbed the bags. "I wonder how the other lads will react" I said under my breath as we walked in. Once we got to the room we were greeted by the boys. They each grabbed a bag from my hand. "Hey Lou, what do you got there?" Harry said looking at the lump in Louis' jacket.

"Oh um, a little girl" Lou said as he set her on the bed next to Liam.

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