Chapter 30

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Summer's PoV

"This is ridiculous!" I groan with frustration. Charlotte, Adam, Matt, Nathan , Tom and I are all sitting in my room trying to figure things out.

"So let me get this straight. Jess was called into work. Isaac went to surprise her. He walked in and saw Jess and Joe hugging, Joe then kissed Jess. Isaac got mad and ran out. They haven't spoken since. Jess has gone into a state of depression and Isaac is now turning to drinking again." Nathan says, putting everything that we have just discussed together.

"Yes." Matt and I nod at the same time.

"Why can't they stop being so stubborn and just get back together?"

"Because Isaac is convinced that Jess cheated on him. Now Jess is annoyed that Isaac thinks so little of her and doesn't believe her when she says that she didn't cheat on him." We all growl with frustration and anger again. Jess and Isaac are both as stubborn as each other. If they would stop being stubborn for a few seconds then all of this would sort itself out. It's not really our place to intervene but if we leave them to sort it out then they will ruin their lives. It's already starting to get out of hand.

"So what are we going to do? We need to get Isaac to realise that Jess didn't cheat on him."

"How're we going to do that though? It's not like we have any proof or anything." Everyone goes silent. This may be harder than I thought. We all look around at each other in hope that someone will suddenly have an idea.

Isaac's PoV

I need Matt. He knows how to help me in these situations. I grab my phone and attempt to focus my eyes on the screen but it's quite hard. My vision is blurry then it splits into double vision before focusing for a second. I click on what I hope is Matt's number, the phone starts ringing so I wait patiently. Thankfully it is Matt who picks up.

"Matt I need your help." For some reason I feel the need to whisper, my words are slurred and probably really hard to understand anyway.


"I need help. I have run out!"

"Of what?"

"Alcohol it's gone!" Matt sighs and say something to someone else but I can't hear who he is talking to or what he is saying. After a bit of shuffling Matt tells me that he's going to come and get me so I tell him where I am. The phone line is soon cut as Matt ends the call, I knew that he would help me because that's what friends do.

I sit patient waiting for Matt. If anyone went past they'd probably think I was weird because I am in the park, sitting on the grass cross legged with my hands stuffed in my lap while swaying slightly because of the amount of alcohol that I've drank. As much as I know that this isn't the right thing to do, it feels so right because I don't feel any pain or anger. I just feel free.

My eyes widen as I notice someone walking past the park. The person who ruined my relationship. The person who seems to think that he can kiss any girl he wants.

"Joe!" I yell, my vision begins to clear up as something about this situation makes me feel more sober although it's probably still clear how much I've had to drink. He stops walking and looks around until he notices me waddling towards him. "Joe I need to ask you, it's about something really important."

"Err okay." He sounds really unsure but it's not every day I stop someone I barely know and ask them important questions. When I'm in front of him I ask him that question that's been on my mind all day and all night. Why did he feel the need to kiss my girlfriend - well girlfriend at the time.

"Isaac it really wasn't like that." Joe walks over to a branch and sits down so I follow and copy his action. "You're drunk. You probably don't know what you're doing nor will you this in the morning."

"I'm not too drunk, please Joe I need to know."

"Okay." He sighs. "I like Jess, she's a very beautiful girl and I knew that she was dating you. We always shared playful banter whenever we were together. That day she was working with Toby, everyone knows he is a dick..."

"Isaac!" I look behind me to see Matt running towards me with the other boys behind him. "Sorry about this." Matt apologises to Joe before helping me to my feet and basically dragging me away. I try to stop them because Joe was just about to explain to me but they don't listen. I should believe Jess because she is, was, my girlfriend but I have trust issues. I guess if I hear it from Joe, I don't know, maybe it will help me get my head around things.

"Let go of me!" I try to escape but Matt and Tom have a really good grip on me, soon I give up and walk with them. That could've been the explanation I've been waiting for to help me with this situation. Now I will never know.

"Isaac what were you doing talking to Joe?" Aaron asks me clearly seeing how frustrated I am and how much I wanted to speak to him.

"Well it doesn't matter now does it?" I storm off leaving Matt speechless. I want to believe Jess. I want to think that she didn't kiss Joe back that day. But I saw the way she acted with him so half of me doesn't believe her. Maybe I'm not worthy enough to date Jess because I can't even trust her at a time like this. Maybe things are better off the way they were.

I pick my phone up and call the contact who I've been meaning to delete but couldn't bring myself to do it.

"Isaac? It's been a while bro."

"Can you hook me up with ten pounds worth?"

"Meet me at the usual spot." I still have some money in my pocket so I go to the usual spot where I used to meet Steve. Alcohol clearly didn't help so hopefully this will. I have to get over Jess and everything that has happened some how and this is the only way I can think of to make the pain go away.

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