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*4 months later - October*

Mariah POV:

These last few months been...different. I know one thang, I listened ta Aug. Afta dat situation and knowin' he would do some shit like dat...I was gonna stop fuckin' wit him anyways! And hell yea I sent his ass ta jail! And he has four years cuz he endangered our child. I learned my lesson tha first time bout not pressin' charges. I'm five months pregnant na and I'm shocked, but happy ta make it dis far along. Aug, been comin' all tha way hea' ta be wit me at my appointments, knowin' Kayla doesn't like it. Dey got back ta'getha cuz of me. So, dey been wit each otha fa a few months na. But sum'n' ain't right wit ha. I can feel it...

Me: "B, where's Quees?"

Bresha: "He had some shows ta do. He been gone fa a few days na. Bur, he'll be back ta'morrow"

Me: "Oh. And how's married life?"

Bresha: "Wonderful. I really feel like afta Jesus died, he was, I guess you can say, sent ta me. Cuz dat night I met him, I seen his flyer maybe three times. So it was a sign. And I took it!"

I chuckle and shake my head

Bresha: "When do you find out what you're havin'...?"

Me: "I already know"

Bresha: "Seriously!?"

I giggle and nod.

Me: "Aug knows, too..."

Bresha: "How he know and not me?"

Me: "Cuz he was there wit me. He was like Oh my God! Ava's gonna have a lil-"

Bresha: "A lil what?!"

Me: "I almost gave it away"

Bresha: "MeMeeeee!" She whined

Me: "Too grown fa dat..."

Bresha: "Then tell me..."

Me: "Estoy...teniendo una niña (I'm...having a girl)..."

Bresha: "Awwwww! Omg! MeMe!"

Me: "Yeahhh. I'm glad it's a girl though. Dat means...she's gonna be like me"

Bresha: "Ummm..."

Me: "Dats a good thang. But I be draggin' Aug so much...she might come out actin' like his bright ass..."

Bresha: "*laughs* Have you let Chris know?"

Me: "*scoofs* No. I haven't talked ta him since dat situation. I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a fuck anyways. He didn't give a fuck I was pregnant when he choked and threw me. So, I know he wouldn't now. Plus, Ion want him around me or ha. Sounds crazy, but dats how I feel. Imma have full custody. She's gonna be wit me. She'll know bout him...but Ion wanna risk nun. At all..."

Bresha: "You do know Chris is gonna be pissed, right...?"

Me: "Ion give a fuck. It's his fault. I didn't get violent wit mysef. He literally got mad fa no reason. Ion know if it's how I said it. Cuz I said as if I didn't give a fuck. Which...I didn't. He was cheatin' fa a whole two weeks. So Ion know why he got mad at me fa doin' it....twice. At least I told him. Cuz I shrugged tha shit off..."

Bresha: "You give no fucks..."

Me: "None at all *chuckles*"

She shakes ha head. Well, at least I can say I was honest...


August POV:

Kayla has been mad a me fa tha last few days. If it wasn't fa Mariah, we wouldn't be ta'getha na. But Kayla...hates dat I be arounda ha. Well...technically...Riah is Ava's mama. So, Riah comes by often. Plus, I go ta ha appointments. We not fuckin' so Kayla has nun ta be worried about. But, she has been actin' hella weird. I'm gonna figure out wassup wit ha. And I'm gonna find out ta'morrow...

Kayla POV:

I haven't been talkin' to Aug these last few days. He has been with Mariah more than he has been with me. So, I'm pissed off. But, I've been havin' company of my own

Me: "Hey, babe!"

???: "Wassup?!"

Me: "Come here real quick!"

He walks into tha kitchen and stands behind me

???: "Wassup?"

Me: "What chu wanna eat?"

???: "What's on tha menu?"

Me: "Depends on what chu want..."

???: "So, are you qualified as a full meal?"

Me: "*chuckles* In tha dessert category. Yes..."

???: "In that case...surprise me.. "

Me: "Alrighty"

???: "But, aye. Real quick. You sure you single?"

Me: "No, I'm not sure..."

He suck his teeth

Me: "I'm not sure cuz I'm dealin' with you. Bein' with you doesn't qualify as bein' single, now does it...?"

???: "True"

Me: "You're tha only nigga in my life. Okay?"

He nods. I peck his lips and he kisses back. This is my little secret....
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