So a little twist on this story.... Well hope you like.


 Chapter 3:

I left the town and walked on the highway. I knew I should have stayed for the night in that town but if that many undead were there during the day imagine at night. It wasn’t safe at all. The sun burned bright orange and red as it began to set. Soon I’d be plunged into darkness.  The clouds didn’t promise anything but a storm.

This was the one thing I feared, being left alone on the highway. As much as I try to face my fear I hate the highway especially at night. It reminded me to much of the people who left a baby girl to be killed by zombie’s.

My throat became parched and I reached in my bag for a water jug. I uncapped the lid then tilted it slowly and the cool liquid splashed on my tongue.  I placed the cap back on and put it back in my bag.

Darkness took over the sky and the only thing that guided me was the North Star. It was somehow easier at night to listen for the undead. Everything became easier to hear.

I felt water hit my skin and looked at the sky. Thunder cracked in the distance and the rain fell harder.  The wind picked up and chilled my bones. Lighting strike in the forest close by. I jumped. I needed to find somewhere to stay for the night.

I began to run through the freezing rain pouring on my face. I sometimes lost my footing and would trip. Up ahead I saw a blinking yellow light. My place to stay, a toll booth. I ran toward it as I heard moans. Lightning came closer to me as the thunder became louder. The wind picked up.

I ran to the toll booths and banged on each booth hoping one was open.  “Come on.” I muttered, at least I wasn’t getting rained on. I went to the last one and pushed on it and it opened. “Thank you” I closed the door.

 I leaned on the glass to test the strength of it. It would hold up at the most maybe five. I gripped my gun in case I got surrounded. I pulled my wet hair back into a bun and shivered from the cold.  I slide to the bottom of the booth and lit a small candle. I tried to warm up as much as possible.  I consumed peanut butter crackers and an orange for dinner.

I listened to the constant sound of rain hitting the glass and thunder rumbling. I leaned my head against the metal wall. I should at least get some sleep. I rubbed the picture with my thumb then closed my eyes.

I was running in a forest with rain falling on me. Constant moans echoed around me. I was being chased. I grabbed a low branch and ripped it from the tree. It would make a weapon. I turned around to find an army of undead slowly coming my way. Their arms outreached trying to get closer to me.

I knew I couldn’t do anything I ran. Soon I saw a town, a gate covered the entrance and humans were on the other side. I ran till I was on the inside. The gates closed behind me and I looked back to see the arms of undead reached through the bars.

Something distracted them and they left. I noticed that something was calling my name. I strained myself to see who it was. I screamed and banged on the gates for them to open so I could save him. I was pulled back and could only watch as the undead ripped him limb from limb.

I watched them rip apart the one person I fought for. I watched as William died in front of me.

I opened my eyes panting and sweating. I slowed my breaths and looked up at the glass. I looked as if maybe during the night an undead banged on the glass but other than the blood and cracked glass, everything was intact.

I stood up and saw the storm had cleared and the sun was rising. I grabbed a nutrition bar and a mountain dew. When I was done with my breakfast, I packed my bag and open the door.