Chapter 1

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"Riley! Wake up, it's time to go to school!"
"Just five more minutes" I mumbled and put the sheets over my head. Today was my first day of senior year and I was not happy about it. You see school isn't exactly the best place to spend your senior year, I always thought that my senior year would be filled with adventures and traveling around the world. But my best friend, Emma, thought other wise. At least I would get to spend my senior year with her so that made my day a bit better.

"RILEY IF YOU DON'T DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT I WON'T LEAVE ANY PANCAKES FOR YOU! I MEAN IT'" Emma shouted. Oh, did I tell you that she was practically my mother? Well, she kind of is but I know she's just looking out for me.
"Okay okay! I'm coming! Just- just don't eat the pancakes" I got out of bed and zombie-walked to the bathroom.

When I saw myself in the mirror I looked like shit. My curly hair was a complete mess and it was everywhere, literally everywhere. I sighed and got in the shower, when I was done I brushed my hair and my teeth and put on some jeans, a flannel shirt and my black vans. As I made my way downstairs I could smell the pancakes already.

"Something smells good" I said to Emma as I made my way to the kitchen to grab a plate. When I grabbed my pancakes I sat next to her at the table.
"Mmm! Oh my god, they're so good!" I was practically stuffing my face with Emma pancakes. My god, she makes the best pancakes in the whole word!
"Ryan told me to put a bit of vanilla extract. Said that it gives them more flavor" she said as she took a bite of her pancake.
"Well, Ryan is right, speaking of Ryan, where is he?" I said to her as I took a sip of my orange juice that Emma gave me.
"He's on his way here." Emma said as she put her plate in the dishwasher.

Ryan is Emma's mate. Or better known as Alpha Ryann, which would make Emma a Luna. They've been together for as long as I can remember and they still look at each other as if it's the first time they've met. I was always jealous of Emma because she found her mate and I haven't found mine. She always told me that one day my mate would come and that I would be just as happy as she is but I'm already 18 and still no mate. I can't help to think that maybe there is no mate for me. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door opened and I heard Emma squeal in excitement.

I put my plate in the dishwasher and made my way to the door. "Hey babe" Ryan said as he gave her a kiss. "I missed you" Emma said as she gave him a hug. "Aaww look at the cute couple" I said as joined the hug. "Hey Riley, long time no see" he said as we all broke from the hug. "Hey Ryan, genius idea of putting vanilla extract in the pancakes" I said, we went to the kitchen once again and Ryan sat down while me and Emma gathered our stuff for school. "Thanks, you guys ready for senior year?" he said. "Well I don't know about Riley but I know I am. And we have to go now if we wanna make it in time. Are you gonna go with us, Riley?" Emma said as she took the keys from the jar.

"Yeah just let me grab my phone real quick" I said as I ran upstairs to grab my phone. I went downstairs, grab my backpack and went out the door. I grabbed the keys from Emma to lock the house and soon we were on our way to school.

Ok so this my first book! :D Hopefully you guys like it and I'll try to update everyday :)
See you on the next chapter!!

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