(Delilah's P.O.V.)

I can't believe Bethany embarrassed me in front of huge celebrities like that! At least they didn't mind... much. It was silent until I spoke up.

"Thanks Guys for helping us." I said.

"It was the least we can do. No one deserves this." Liam responded.

"Niall are you a leprechaun?" Grace said causing all of us to laugh.

"Why do you assume I'm a leprechaun?" Niall asked her.

"Because I heard you're Irish and , aren't Irish people leprechauns?"

"Well in that case I'm a leprechaun. And aren't pretty girls like you princesses?"

"I'm not pretty. My mommy always said I'm worthless and ugly."

"That's a lie." Niall told Grace.

Grace fell asleep hugging Niall. So adorable. We were already at their house.

"Were here!" Louis shouted.

"Oh yeah. My friend lives around here maybe we can go to his place so we don't bother you guys." Jake said.

"Wait,what friend?" I whispered to him.

"Adrian." Jake responded.

"Are you crazy? Last time he was hitting in me and you know what else happened!" I kind of shouted.

"Come on I'll be there."

"Its not a big deal you guys can stay." Zayn said.

"I'll let Alice, Grace, and Delilah stay. Eddie lets go." Jake replied. Eddie and Jake got out the car.

(Liam's P.O.V.)

When Jake and Eddie got out the car Jake whispered something to me.

"Take care of them. Please." He whispered to me.

"I will. They will be safe." I replied to him.

"I told her I'll be coming back but I can't. Tell her that I will come back some day with Eddie."

With that Jake and Eddie left.

Woah. I feel sorry for these girls. An abusive mother, it's heartbreaking.

"Grace and Alice let me show the room you will be sleeping in." Louis said. They all followed him. We only had 6 rooms. Delilah went into the room with them.

"Delilah I think only the girls should sleep there. Anyone mind Delilah sleeping in their room?" Louis said.

"Its fine I can sleep on the couch. I don't want to bother anybody anymore." She said.

"You're not bothering anybody, you are our guest. You can sleep in my room." Harry said. I can already see Harry and Delilah as a couple.

"No I'm fine." She argued.

"No you're not. Now let me show you my room." Harry said.

"I'm sleepy I'm off to sleep." Niall said.

"Us too." Everyone replied. I just went to my room.

(Harry's P.O.V.)

I insisted on Delilah sleeping with me. In a good way not in any other form. She was really pretty. Blonde hair, Brown eyes, and just beautiful!

"Do you mind if I take a shower?" Delilah asked.

"No go ahead." I said.

When she was done showering she asked me for something.

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