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Chapter 23 - Marcy

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Macy's POV

“I’ll never hurt Sam.” Jacques said glaring at me.

“I didn’t say hurt, I said turn her against me.”

“Enough! We have a serious matter in our hands that can cause a war and the two of you are bickering like little children because of what species you are! If there is a war, we might have to cooperate so you two should just shut up and pay attention!” Sam yells, she seems very angry.

Jacques and I look down at our feet in shame, I might not like him but Sam has a point and we’re going to have to work together. Isabeau is a little shaken up by Sam’s outburst aswell.

Jacques scoffs and mumbles in French, “British and their pride.”

I smile wildly at Jacques, which earned me a funny look and a glare from him, “Did you know that I know French?”

His eyes widen as he looks at Sam for correction. That leach didn’t believe me! Does he think I’m an idiot?

Sam slowly shook her head before saying something in another language I didn’t understand, whatever she said caused Jacques to smile like a maniac and wiggle his eyebrows at Sam, making me very suspicious. Poor Isabeau looked even more confused than I, and that was saying a lot.

Sam rolls her eyes at whatever he said, but Jacques’s eyes never leave me, I feel like he’s plotting my death.

Jacques looked mesmerized by me and he said something to Sam in the same language as before and I happened to catch him say my father’s name. I crinkled my nose a little, I never liked thinking about my father, especially now that everything I had ever thought about him wasn’t true, and on top of that I would never get to meet him. I really need to talk to Mum about all this, it might make both of us feel better.

Every so often I would pick up on thing they were saying, but mainly just names like Marcy or Sam and a few times Vince and Vincent. I really wish I could understand what they were talking about better than just names.

Sam yells and plops Isabeau in my lap, startling both of us, before she begins pacing around the room.

“Are you guys going to tell me what’s going on?” I ask, my irritation getting the best of me.

“No.” Sam and Jacques say together. Ugh!

I glare at the both of them, but they seem unaffected. Vampires.

They went back to talking in their own little language as if Isabeau and I weren’t alive, it annoyed me a little but I finally gave up with understanding and attempted to talk to Isabeau.

“Since both of us are being locked in the dark about this whole thing, why don’t you and I talk?” I ask, smiling nicely at her and softly rocking her on my leg. She was a tiny thing.

“Are you really Sam’s sister? I mean you look like her but… is it really true?” Isabeau asks shyly and I giggle a little bit.

“Yes Honey, I’m really her Twin sister.”

“What’s it like being a werewolf?” She asked, her eyes big with awe, she had probably never met another werewolf, or even been within one hundred yards of one.

“Well, it’s kinda cool. It’s like having a roommate all the time, but inside your body. And the whole pack thing is cool because you have a huge family in a way. Plus the whole shifting thing is awesome, might I just say.” I said and she giggled slightly.

“Does it hurt?”

“Does what hurt Isabeau?” I ask.

“Shifting. It doesn’t hurt us, but I heard it’s painful for you.” I ignore the for us part, she’s probably just imagining things.

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