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"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

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Wizards and Witches and Stones oh my!!


It was a beautiful spring afternoon. The warm sunlight was shining down on the recently rained on town. Men and women were bustling about getting a few things from the little local grocery store or tending to their gardens while the ground was still moist. The park in the middle of the town was filled with children and their parents, laughing and smiling.

It was just another day, in another seemingly average town, but by no means was this town average.

In fact, this town was quite the opposite, because this was a town full of witches and wizards. Of course they had their fair share of muggles (non-magical people), but for the most part, it was just people with magic. They carried wands, had moving pictures, chess sets that talked and yes, they even rode brooms.

This town was usually a rather cheery and peaceful place, but before the day was through, this peaceful and cheery town would become a scarred town.

In order for you, my dear readers, to understand, though, we must pause and have a small history lesson.

You see, for eleven or so years a war had been waging in the shadows, causing great damage and devastating loss.

Then one night, the war came to an abrupt and somewhat confusing end. The man, who started this mass devastation, Lord Voldemort or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to those afraid of him, attacked the small home of the Potter family. No one was quite sure what happened that night, (well, except for maybe Dumbledore, but since he's not sharing...) but somehow, one little boy stopped a man thought to be unstoppable. And even now, seven months later, people were still celebrating.

Despite what the populace would like to think though, the war was not quite over yet. Voldemort had many followers and those followers did not take losing their leader easily. Thus Aurors were still hunting down those followers that called themselves Death Eaters. It was not unusual for a small group of Death Eaters to attack a mostly wizarding village like this one.

This brings us back to the town we were talking about earlier.

Two year old Riley Langley and her mother Eliza were enjoying a lovely day at the park playing on the swings and running around. They decided, after a few games of tag, to get some ice cream from the vendor on the corner. It was as they were enjoying there extra chocolate ice cream, that Eliza heard it.

Now, Eliza herself, being a former Order of the Phoenix member, had been in many duels and had seen many battles. Thus, it was understandable why she immediately recognized the screams of fear and flashes of green light coming from the park they had just left.

Death Eaters were attacking.

Eliza quickly gathered up Riley and their things, hoping to get away before the Death Eaters saw them. Maybe then he could get a message to the Aurors and get Riley to safety. Unfortunately, plans never seem to work the way you want them to and before Eliza knew it, they were surrounded.

Eliza knew she had no chance of surviving this fight, there were just too many, but Riley still had a chance. It was a dangerous plan, but the only one she could think of at that moment.

See, Riley was born a natural animangus, meaning she had been able to turn into a fox since birth. Of course, she couldn't fully control it yet, and it took a lot of energy out of her. The last time Riley had accidentally changed while having a fit, she slept for a whole day and a half after changing back.

Eliza had been told by a healer, that the change put to much stress on the little girl and sucked her magical core dry, which could lead to death. It was dangerous, but it was Eliza's last hope at getting Riley out of there safely.

So, whispering into her ear, Eliza told Riley to try really, really hard to turn into a fox and run as fast as she could to their home, a few blocks away.

Riley, not really knowing what was going on, did as her mother told her. She turned into a tiny red fox and ran home as fast as her little legs could carry her, only to collapse from exhaustion when she got there. It wasn’t for another two days, when she awoke, that she was told she would never again get to see her mother.


Two years later, most Death Eaters had been caught. Though there were still quite a few that had weaseled there way out of jail, or had not been caught at all.

Isaac Langley was a good man. He was always rather quite and shy but underneath that he had always ached for an adventure. That was why he decided to work for the Department of Mysteries after he left school.

He had just started to make a name for himself among his coworkers, when he was placed on a project with Nicholas Flamel. That project caught the attention of a couple of greedy “Ex-Death Eaters”, who came to Isaac with a not-so-friendly request to hand it over. He, of course, refused.

So, on November 10th of 1984, Aurors showed up at the home of one Isaac Langley and his step daughter, Riley Langley, to find the Dark Mark over their house. Inside they found Isaac Langley dead and five year old Riley staring at the body in shock.


The traumatized Riley then went to live with her godfather, Remus Lupin. Soon after that, a law was passed that made it impossible for a werewolf, like Remus, to take care of a child. So Riley was once again moved, this time to live with a distant cousin.

And it is just a few years later that this tale really begins...


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