54 | Peter Pan's Grand Master Plan

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The brunette had been doing some severe thinking. The kind to make your face all red and cause steam to seep out of your ears while the gears in your head pop out of place from the intensity of your thoughts. For as long as Indiana could really recall, all she truly craved to do was be reunited with her loved ones, even if she technically could not remember her brother or Peter Pan. However, throughout her journey without them, Indiana had made new friends--people whom she cared about more than she ever thought she would.

One of those people included Henry Daniel Mills—Indiana's goddaughter's son.

Indiana cherished the tween boy more than anyone in Storybrooke, including herself. She had spent more than 10 years of her life dedicated to learning about Henry and developing a brother-sister bond. It was a relationship that Indiana never got to have with Killian ever since the duo were separated as children. Indiana was hardly a year old when they were torn apart from each other. Therefore, Henry was the world's present to the girl.

Now that everyone was reentering Indiana's life, she had never been happier. And that seemed to be the issue.

Everyone was back.

This included the Lost Boys, Peter Pan, Killian Jones, Henry Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow-Kisses-And-Sparkles, and even the Dark One. Everyone was back!

It's not like it was a horrible thing to be with everyone she loved and cared about all at the same time. If anything, it was a genuine blessing in disguise. The thing was... Indiana knew she was going to have to make a decision. She would have to choose between her boyfriend of many centuries or the people that were there for her for the past 30+ years.

Indiana knew Henry had something to do with Peter Pan's grand master plan. There was no doubt in her mind that he did. It would make sense, considering Peter sent Greg Mendel and Tamara to kidnap the boy. However, part of her wished that it was some insane scheme to help bring Indiana back to Neverland, rather than whatever he needed Henry for.

She was also aware that Peter Pan had located the Heart of the Truest Believer--the thing that would keep her boyfriend alive. Aside from Peter, there was only one other person Indiana knew was a huge believer in the impossible. That would be Henry Mills.

The ocean-eyed girl let out a sigh of annoyance, laying back in the makeshift bed in her boyfriend's tent. Peter had gone out for a few moments, so she assumed he would be back soon.

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