Start of Round Three

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“Dare,” Jake grinned, obviously thinking I wouldn’t do anything bad to him. I hid my smirk behind my hand, he really should know me better than that. I saw my father grin at the thoughts going through my head, and rolled my eyes, sending a pleading look to my mother. When my father scowled at her, and she just grinned, I knew she had complied, and lifted her shield over me. I thought for a moment staring at Jacob. Uncle Emmett sighed loudly, and I rolled my eyes.

“Uncle Emmett, shush. I’m thinking.” I told him crossly. He glared at me and I just grinned sweetly back. “Jacob, I dare you to… eat a whole bottle of chili powder,” When he blanched, I grinned, knowing he would’ve had eaten anything…except that. Chili powder is the only food he seems to hate, whenever he eats the tiniest bit, he’ll sneeze for hours. He glared at me as my family broke into laughter, all of them also knowing Jake’s phobia. Yes, he actually is scared of chili powder…it’s that bad. He’ll run out of the room an hide under the bed if I take it out to cook something. It’s really weird. But hilarious at the same time. Aunt Alice got up and ran into the kitchen, then came back, bringing with her a large container of the powder- a brand new one. Jacob shuddered as he grabbed the bottle, and opened it up. The dust flew out, causing both him and myself to sneeze. I backed up next to my mother, knowing what would happen next. Jacob grimaced, then plugged his nose, shut his eyes, and poured the entire container into his mouth. I gagged slightly- it looked really disgusting. Immediately, Jake began sneezing and coughing. Puffs of chili powder flew put his nose and mouth, and his eyes began to water. He chugged an entire bottle of water, and glared at me again.

“You’re so dead Nes,” he growled, before dissolving into a coughing fit again. I grinned angelically at him, batting my eyelashes.

“Oh, but Jake, you wouldn’t make me do anything that bad, would you?” I asked. My parents dissolved into laughter, and Jake just looked torn.

“We’ll see. Alice, truth or dare?” he coughed again, turning to my aunt. She pondered for a moment, surely looking into the future. This was confirmed a moment later when she groaned.

“Stupid mutt…I can’t see anything! Truth.” she stated, remembering how some of her other dares turned out, obvious by the clothes she was wearing.

“Umm… Would you ever have seen yourself with someone other than Jasper?” he asked. I rolled my eyes- everyone knew the answer to that question!

“Nope!” Alice trilled, looking proud. Uncle Jasper smiled, and wrapped his arms around her. I giggled at Jacob’s look. His eyes were still watering, and he was sputtering and coughing still, though the sneezing dispersed a little bit.

“Sorry ‘bout that…” I murmured. He rolled his eyes, and stuck out his tongue, which successfully sent him into a sneezing attack. “Nice…” I laughed. He just pouted, firmly refusing to open his mouth.

A/N~ Sorry this is sort of a short chapter... This is the last round! I only have Bella, Edward, Rose, Emmett, Jasper, and Nessie left.  So four more chapters at the most.  Hope you enjoyed this one!

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