Cold hearted bitch

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So this is my frist story on wattpad so pleas tell me waht you think of this idea. so I know if I should continue or not.

Cold hearted bitch! Ya that's what people use to describe me. I don't give a fuck about anyone or that's what they say any way. When I was 7 my parents were killed and i had no were to go so my uncle adopted me and i was introduced into the family business. I am now the top Assassin/spie they have.

Hi my name is shelby but people call me sally 1st law of and agent is never give out your really name. I am 17 and will be staring high school tomorro as my new assignment. i have to get a guy named doniven to fall foe me so i can kill his brother and father. That kid is going to hate me by the time i am done with him but what the hell. i do it all the time why would it matter now. Right?

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