Chapter 2

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~ One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls ~

Khaled Hosseini


In spite of all the commotions going around, all I could hear was the sound of my heart beating and my shallow breaths. Was it so wrong of me for wanting to run away and never see him because he was giving all those jitters to me which were starting scare. It felt like I would faint anytime considering the dizziness and whiplashes to my sanity.

Both of my worlds were breathing the times of their lives. The rush in the adrenaline, the dryness on my lips, the beads of sweats upon my forehead, the goosebumps.... it was all your gift, Manik Malhotra and I could hug a thousand deaths only to be born again to be there to see you just for once. Only you.

"Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, the man of the ladies' and the envy of every gentlemen present over here. Let's welcome the one who has not only won millions of hearts but inscribed his name there forever. The man who's said to be made of dreams is going to be right here amidst us. Please welcome Manikkkk Malhotraaaa" the anchor shouted on the mic the loudest she could and Navya covered both of her ears cursing the girl.

Seeing your superstar who you only have seen in movies or read about in newspapers, not just that but you kept stalking him on all the social networking sites, becoming member of his fanclubs, cry whenever there's a news about him dating someone, spend night after night watching his videos, smile like an idiot while reading an article in some magazine or listen to his voice on radio during the promotion of his's not a little thing. It matters. So damn much. And, no novel in the world can describe this feeling. Poppers were busted and smoke made the welcome all the more special. I frowned little deeper at the entrance but he wasn't there. Pushing and shoving began excessively, some girl stumped my feet but all I cared then was seeing him live. Do heartbeats go this havoc like this when you're about to see the man of your dreams?

It was nearly some seconds later that the hooting roared up calling his name and I thought I'd faint as my pulses rushed under my skin. I saw a man as nicely tall as the mountain entering but all thanks to that stupid smoke that it teased my eyes badly. Squeezing my eyes a little, I fixed my gaze on that man who was wearing a black V-necked t-shirt coupled with a pricey black leather jacket and dark blue denim. It was him.... Manik Malhotra. I opened my mouth to catch my breath keeping one hand on my chest and I won't be lying if I say I took few steps back completely turning deaf to my surroundings.

My heart murmured, 'So, he exists huh?'

His features are exactly the same as he looks in movies. He is just the same. One can never justify a fangirl as she's meant to have copyright over any stupidity which involves her celebrity obsession. He was so masculine.. so dreamlike. He had shoulders like that of a titan and the chest that could be felt well through his tight t-shirt was so well built just as hard as a rock. His soft black hair...his creamy complexion...his dreamy eyes which reminded me that those are the most beautifully captivating eyes I've ever seen.

Navya moved my jaw up which was hanging close to the floor. He smiled breathtakingly and waved his fans and the jumping girls around started throwing him kisses. Well, I hated that and I purposely stubbed some girl's foot. Well, that's how a life of a fangirl is, you will have to share your love with thousand others. I never understood should I be happy about his popularity or be sad about my commonness? But whatever it was, he's a man of dreams. How on earth could someone be so perfect?

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