We both stop teasing and kept quiet.

"What if I do?" Irene noona suddenly ask

"Dangsin-eun mueos-eul uimihabnikka?"

"The previous question. What if I do like you?" She ask looking at me.

"Then I am happy that you like me. Don't you know how long I have been waiting to hear it from you" I confess.


"I like you noona. I know our age gap is big but my love for you is even bigger. Noona saranghae"

I hold her hands.

"But Taehyung-ah it is not about the age gap or what but it is about our work. I can't date you. Yes I know my other members are dating with your members but I am not brave enough" She cried.

I pulled her into a hug. I know she is the leader of the group and she plays an important role.

"It's okay noona. I will wait but I just want you to know that I love you so much" I said.

"You sure?" She ask

I nod my head.

"Gomawo. I love you too." And with that she gave me a peck on the lips.

I blush.

"Aigoo is my Taehyung blushing?" She tease while laughing.

"Revenge huh?" I smirk and pull her into a deep kiss.

Once we pulled away, we both look at each other and smile.

"Kajja let me send you home" I said and she hold my hand.

At the dorm

"Hyung how was your date? She accept?" Jimin hyung ask.

"Nope but I promise that I will wait for her" I smile sadly.

"At least you get to talk and hangout with her" Suga hyung blurted out.

"Hyung what's with you. Did someone just cast a spell on you?" Jungkook joke while the others laugh.

"Love spell" He answered.

"Ohhh who is that unlucky girl" J-Hope hyung joke while Suga hyung gave him a glare.

"It's Son Wendy"

"From Red Velvet?" Namjoon hyung ask.

"Who else could it be" Suga hyung said.

"When? How?" Jin hyung ask.

"Eversince we went to their dorm and I don't know is just that when I meet her my heart beat(b-b-beat) is fast and my stomach feel weird." He confess.


"Well then goodluck hyung" Jungkook said.

Bae Irene

"Unnie how was your date?" Joy ask

"It's good, I had a wonderful time" I smile while the others tease me.

"So you accept him unnie?" Seulgi ask

I shook my head.

"I am not ready yet" I confess.

They nod thier head. I look towards Wendy and she seem down.

"Wendy gwenchana?" I ask

"Huh? Ah nae" She replied.

"Aye unni you're not come on tell us what is bothering you" Yeri said.

She shrug.

"Guys how does it feel like to fall inlove?" She ask.

"Ohh who is that lucky one? (EXO-L get it) " Joy ask

"Min Yoongi" She answer while covering her face.

"OMMO JINJJA?" Seulgi yelled

"Ah nae" She nod her head shyly.

"Aigoo our Wendy is inlove" I said.

All of them start teasing her.

"How I wish I could be brave like my members. Mianhae Taehyung ah."

Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

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