Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

My name is Samantha Martiz but I prefer to just go by Sam. It’s simple and easy to remember, that used to be my life, simple and easy, until recently. It all started when my cousin Mario fired me.

“You’re fired.” He said as if we were talking about the weather or something less no one really invested in.

Who the hell did he think he was Donald Trump, I’m fired? He must be high again. “What?” I asked, moving closer to his desk from my chair.

“I found someone better willing to work for less pay.” He said, having the nerve to shrug.

“This is about money?” I snapped, I needed this damn job. I clinched my hands because I was about to hit him and it wouldn’t have been the first time. We grew up together and some punches were bound to be thrown.

“That’s just the way it is Sam.” He shrugged again and gave a fake ass smile.

“Fine.” I stood from the chair in front of his cheap desk, Mario was known for being cheap. “Just know this I’m telling Tia Inez.” I walked over to the door with a huge smile on my face because of the hell I was about to unleash.

“That’s unfair Sam why you gotta bring my mom into this?” He stood from his seat pleading with me now.

“You fired me! I’m telling Mami too.” I was being childish but I didn’t really care, that little prick fired me, I was good at my job, I took pride in that damn job. Yeah it was selling furniture out of the warehouse and working a cash register but still I was good at it. I had a knack for talking.

“No, no Sam not your mom, she freakin nuts.” He had good reason to fear my mother; she was a woman you did not want to miss with. She was known for being strict and stubborn in the family while everyone else was a little more fun.

“Give me back my job.” I crossed my arms and waited for an answer.

“I can’t.”

“Fucker.” I left the office and stomped outside. Now I was jobless with a lot of bills, living alone did not come cheap. And to top it off I got a car payment longer than my arm. I wanted to my car, I loved the thing.  A Lexus convertible. I was crazy to get something so expense but work was good and I figured I could handle it. Oh Mario was gonna pay for this. Damn no good cousin of mine.

That following morning I met with my older sister Alissa. She owned her own local newspaper; The Miami Wave, and it was a hit especially with the Spanish community as her paper mixed both languages. The whole family was proud of her but it wasn’t enough. She wasn’t married with a few kids. My mom made it seem like a sin. Alissa was about to turn thirty three, she had enough time to settle down. I was on her side because I felt the same way. I was twenty seven and my mom was already starting on me.

I told her about what Mario had done and how I was royally screwed unless I found a job soon. Being the best sister in the world and like a second mother to me even though we were close in age she had a solution.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know but I know I need another job quick. I got bills and the car payment.” The fact I was screwed was settling in again. I needed money and fast. Feeling like the biggest failure in the world was depressing. 

“Told you it was a bad idea.” Her dark brown eyes lay on my car.

“I love that car I can’t get rid of it.” I’d give up eating before I gave up my car and I loved to eat.

“It’s a great car.” Alissa agreed. “I love the green, matches your eyes.” There was always a hint of jealously when she mentioned my eyes. There were a bright green, hers and Erin’s were dark brown. Alissa said it was unfair I got nice eyes and she got plain ones. I loved her eyes which were a deep dark brown. I got my eyes from my grandfather may he rest in peace, he had green eyes.