Chapter 1- Flawless Feet

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"Gee, hurry up," Mikey yelled for his older brother. Gerard, being the one with a license, was supposed to take Mikey to school.

"Mikey, give me a minute," Gerard yelled down the stairs. The boy with the bright red hair was pulling on a pair of the tightest, darkest pair of skinny jeans he owned. He wanted to impress the new neighbor who would be coming to school today, but Mikey didn't know that. Mikey was still believing the lie that Gerard had told him of it just being a normal skinny jeans day.

After an amount of time which was certainly not a minute, Gerard sprinted down the stairs spinning the keys on his index finger, a habit he had picked up on.

"Ready?" Mikey sighed.

"How 'bout you Moikey?" Gerard asked, answering the question with another question. Without waiting for a response, Gerard walked outside the door after he grabbed his coffee from the kitchen counter.

"Fucking ready," Mikey answered.

"Well I think I'm alright," Gerard finally answered Mikey's first question.

Mikey looked Gerard up and down, as though he were scanning a picture of him. Gerard was wearing a Green Day shirt, black skinny jeans, and Converse.

"Mikey, come on," Gerard urged his brother. Mikey eventually walked out of the door. Mikey was wearing skinny jeans (not as skinny as Gerard's) and a plain black t-shirt with Vans.

The two boys got into the car, Gerard in the driver's seat and Mikey in the passenger seat.

"Okay, next stop, highschool," Gerard announced.

"Can't we just skip today and go to Starbucks instead?" Mikey asked desperately.

"No Mikey, for... reasons," Gerard answered. Mikey, being as innocent and naive as he was, would think Gee was referring to that test he had in chemistry today, but, just like the skinny jeans, it was because the new neighbor was coming today. Gerard had taken a liking to this boy ever since he had stepped out of the moving van onto the pavement. Gee loved everything about him, the way his hair fell over his eyes, his smile, even his feet were attractive to Gerard, not that he's seen them, he just thinks they'll be beautiful considering the rest of this mystery boy. Yesterday, Gerard overheard the boy and his mother talking in their backyard.

"Since you're starting school tomorrow, you should probably go to bed now," a woman spoke. Gerard had heard an exaggerated groan from the boy (it had to be, who else was it?) as he walked back into his house.

If his neighbor hadn't decided against going to school today, he should see him, ask him how he likes the area and the usual stuff like that. And he should probably ask about his sexuality just to keep anything from getting awkward, then again, Gee was just an awkward person so it wouldn't take long for it to get weird. Gerard was also gay as most people in the school knew. No one really minded, but then again, no one really cared.

"GERARD ARTHUR WAY, STOP THE GODDAMN CAR! Mikey's knuckles were white and clutched onto the steering wheel and his eyes were the size of the moon, wide with fear. Gerard had been daydreaming about the neighbor again, but this time, he almost ran into a curb or something by the looks of Mikey.

After carefully looking Mikey over for any sign of injury, Gee pulled into the school's parking lot and parked in a vacant spot.

The high school's looks were deceiving on the outside, advertising it as an amazing place where kids would enjoy being, but the inside was literal hell. There was a countless amount cliques and Gerard was part of none of them. Maybe he and his mystery neighbor could make their own group, one for only them, an exclusive club. He might let Ray and Mikey in, but it would end there.

Today was Monday of the 3rd week of literal hell. The neighbor couldn't have missed much. Everyone was still getting to know each other, even though they would all just bounce back into the groups they were always in each year.

As the first bell rang, the halls were filled with rushing teenagers. Although Gerard himself was one, there was no doubt about it, teenagers really did scare the living shit out of him, how violent they could be, how harshly they act, just everything about them. As Gerard walked to his first class, he noticed a familiar stranger walking behind him. One with perfect hair that falls over his face, his full lips curved into an awkward smile, and of course, flawless feet.

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