Chapter 8

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Kyle’s P.O.V.

This is one of the best summers I ever had! I really love Julia. We’re going to live together but for our parents’ health we pretend not to. Mrs. Porter and Mr. Sheridan became really good friends. Julia is sure is she wants us to move our relationship to the next level. I have no problem with that! But we haven’t found time or a chance. Well, August is almost up and that means that I haven’t had sex for a year. We will find time, eventually. I hope….

   I couldn’t stand seeing her cry but she was crying for her Mom. Even though she died she arranged a  graduation gift for Julia. Her Mother was really sweet to think of it. Julia is sweet too. She called me ‘sweetie’. I still have that text. This is my soft side don’t forget I also have the ‘Bad Boy’ side! Johnny is really-really soft with Claire. She can do whatever she wants with him! I tease him about it-of course! We’re all  going to Yale! It’s just a little weird, don’t you think? Well, I do.

     At least we’re gonna be together and I’m not going to let anyone to take Julia from me. I’ll kick them where it hurts the most!-if they do.

    Mr. Sheridan really likes me and I like him. My parents love Julia and her Father. Well, they hope and so am I that Julia will be their daughter-in-law. I know we’re only 18 and it’s weird to talk like this but when you know you met your match, the person that’s your soul mate-no matter how young you are-will you let it go? I know I won’t. Because I know-I feel it that Julia is the only one for me as Johnny knows that Claire is the only one for him and of course Claire knows that Johnny is the only one for her. And I hope Julia knows I’m for her. I think she does.

  Well, next week we move into our new houses, we have cars, jobs, we’re signed to Yale, free time, apartments with furniture and we moved our stuff. Everything is ready! From next week I’ll sleep with Jules every night! YES!!!....

Normal P.O.V.

    Tomorrow I move to my new house, so today Dad arranged to spend the day with me. We had so much fun, we went to bed and I was happy…yet…sad. I’m really gonna miss him!

   When I woke up he had left. I got ready and left. Kyle will meet me at the apartment. Claire and Johnny will come tomorrow night. So that means I have Kyle for myself! Yes!!!....

   I guess it’s obvious that I’m more than happy for that! Before he came I had cooked-I made chicken rolls and potatoes with vegetables. Yum! Then I checked if everything was like they should and it was. Just then Kyle came in through her door. He checked his stuff and all and then we saw a movie-New Moon (it’s awesome!). Then we ate for lunch, talked and stayed hugged. Ugh!!! …. He acts like usual, like nothing’s gonna happen. But it will I don’t care even if I have to threaten him! I just want him! I love him! And besides my hormones might take over soon-they have reached and crossed their limit. We ate dinner and still nothing. When we went up stairs to our bedroom his hands were massaging my back. Ok, that’s it! He’s provoking me! Now I’ll provoke him!

   I got up from the bed and went to the closet. Claire bought me as a gift a nice black nightgown-for my birthday. Really nice. I put it on, it’s short and shows a lot of cleavage but he’ll do the first move not me! No way!

    I got out of the closet and he came out of the bathroom with his jeans on, no t-shirt. I stared at his chest and stomach. But I wasn’t the only one staring, he was staring too. He was staring at my chest, I blushed but I kept looking at him, he looked at my eyes and I froze. “You put it on purpose, didn’t you?” he asked me and I raised an eyebrow and he made a few steps towards me. “No, Claire gave it to me for my birthday. I just thought I should put it on tonight.” I told him- I know I’m lying but he doesn’t have to know that! Ok?! He stopped right in front of me. “Why do I find it difficult to believe you?” he said and smiled a little. I raised an eyebrow and looked at him like saying “Why would I lie?” He looked at me with disbelief.

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