Chapter 4

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Normal P. O. V.

    He left! Oh, well. A couple of minutes later I heard a car stop nearby. Then silence. After a minute I heard movement behind me. A rock hit me in the shoulder. Ouch! Because it surprised me I fell on the ground and I hit my head. I let out a scream. Then I realized it wasn’t Kyle-for a moment I thought he had returned.

    Kyle would never do something like that to me. Actually, to no one! Because he might be the Bad Boy but he is a nice guy. The one that hit me turned me around. I recognized him. It was Joey’s buddy. I tried to fight him off but I’m light headed and I don’t feel well. “Stop fighting, bitch!” he said. Oh, my… I don’t feel well at all! “Leave me alone!” I mumbled. “No! I just want your underwear to make everyone see you are a whore!” he said. I got a little angry but I won’t be able to fight him off for long. “Let go off me!” I whispered.  “Shut up! I’ll fuck you otherwise!” he said through his teeth.

     I was about to give up when I felt someone pulling him away. My hands fell to my sides-I feel so weak! “You son of a bitch!” I heard Kyle’s voice say. Relief washed through me! I managed to turn and look what was happening. They were fighting. The jock sure knows karate and he might be an expert. But Kyle is pissed off and he is an expert in Kick Boxing. The jock was in his back on the ground in 10 minutes-with a broken arm. “What are you doing?” I mumbled. Kyle turned to me while holding the jock down. “You’re lucky I wasn’t too far! Why did I listen to you and left?” he asked himself. I just shrugged. “Well, one thing is for sure! I’m never going to listen to you again!” he said and I giggled. His expression was worried now-he was angry before. I don’t feel well.

     He turned to the jock. “When it’s dawn you’ll go to the hospital-not earlier! You’re going to say that someone tried to steal you-you never saw me or Julia and you never passed from here! Am I clear?” he said. The jock nodded frightened. “None of this happened. If you talk about this to anyone a broken arm will be nothing in what I’m going to do to you! If you leave earlier I’ll know! Ok? Do as I say. Am I clear?” he said and got up. The jock nodded again. “Good.” He said and kicked him one last time where the sun doesn’t shine-with a lot of force!

     I giggled again. Kyle came to me. “Are you feeling ok?” he asked me. “No!” I said smiling at him. He glanced at the jock that started trembling. “Are you hurt?” he asked me. “Yes!” I said smiling even more. He looked back at me like I was crazy. “I’m going to carry you home, ok?” he said. He must have decided that he did enough to the jock for tonight. “Ok!” I said happily. He took me in his arms. I managed to place mine in my lap. I’m so happy! His hands are so soft! I want to touch his hair and face. Why shouldn’t I? Oh, yeah-my hands are dirty. Ok, then later. I feel a little light headed. Oh, well.

     He was silent. I’m in the mood for singing. One song came to my mind. No one else on earth by Wynonna Judd.

     I’ve been a rock and I got fences. I never let them down. When it comes to love I keep my senses and don’t get kicked around…

    How did you get to me?

  No one else on earth could ever hurt me like you do. No one else on earth was ever worth it. No one else on earth could love me like you…

     I heard it on the radio the other day. It’s such a nice song!

   La la la…

Kyle is so nice!!!...

Kyle’s  P. O. V.

        I had left when I heard a scream. Julia screamed! I got back as fast as possible. I saw her trying to fight off a jock and I heard him say “Shut up! I’ll fuck you otherwise!” I’m gonna kill him!!!

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