“Oh, ok” he said dumfounded. We left 10 minutes later. I texted good morning to Claire and I met Kate in the gate. Ha! That made a rhyme. Anyway. The day passed in a blur. I was going home when I realized that tonight I had a date… Kind of… A bit unusual but still kind of a date.

      What should I wear? Maybe black jeans and the light beige blouse (a gift from my Dad) or the blue one? Or the khaki skirt I have and the red blouse?

     Wait! What am I thinking? Me dress up for a guy? I don’t dress up for anyone besides myself! Ha! I’ll go the way I am, if he likes it if not… I don’t care!

      I did my homework and opened my laptop. It’s 8:30 when I did that, I ate dinner first. I checked my mails. I had some from my old classmates and one from Kyle!

         I hope you haven’t forgotten our date tonight. I’m so looking forward to it!


           I got a little irritated but it was also funny. My angry side though wanted to send him a mail that said: Go to Hell! I’m not coming and you’re a moron! But my curious side won the argument. I wanted to know what he wanted to tell me. So, when the time was 11:20 I left and headed to the park outside of school.

     He was sitting in a bench, completely at ease. He smiled when he noticed my approach. “Hello, Julia. Come, sit” he said and patted the spot next to him. I raised an eyebrow but sat either way. I waited a minute for him to talk. He just stared at the sky.  “What do you want?” I asked him. He turned to me smiling. “I’m sure they told you how I became I Bad Boy, so I’ll cut to the chaste. I hate Rachelle and the fools she has around her.” he said. “But you slept with them!?” I said with uncertainty.

      He smirked. “Yeah, I did. To embarrass Rachelle, it worked. Because now she wants to sleep with me too and everyone knows it-even the teachers! But I do hate them! And I like you! You have guts and you’re smart! So, I can’t let them hurt you. At Gym I heard the jocks talking about you. Rachelle made the captain of the football team-Joey Montgomery to come up to you a few times so they will be able to spread the rumor you slept with him. And two more guys from the team. They want to make you look like a whore. I thought you might want to know.” He said and now he was serious.

     The girls told me that he never flatters a girl. Not even to make her sleep with him! But only a small part of my brain noticed that-the rest of me was angry! If they come anywhere near me I’ll break their heads! No joke! “Look, I’ll try to help! But you always have to be with company. Can you do that?” he asked and placed his hand over mine. I don’t know how or why but I feel like I’m floating. I feel something strange in my stomach and my heart is going faster! Ok…that’s weird!

     “I’ll do my best!” I said. He smiled. “Oh and thanks” I said. I was about to get up to leave but he held my hand.  “I’m so repulsive to you that you don’t want to talk at all?” he asked. I looked at him with a blank expression at first and then it turned to a lost one.  “Don’t you want to sit with me for a while and talk? Or without talking if you want. We’ll just look at the stars!” he said “Talk about what?” I asked. “Well, tell me how come you moved here with your Dad?” he asked me. “My Mom died 3 years ago and my Dad doubled his work and they transferred him here and so we moved here. We bought the house and we’re renting the one in Chicago.” I said. “I’m sorry about your Mom. Do you like it here so far?” he asked. “It’s quite, something I wasn’t used to and if you don’t count the Barbie Squad its perfect and I love it!” I said and smiled.

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