Chapter 2

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   Kyle’s P. O. V.

          From the moment I saw her walking in class I felt different. When Rachelle and her Blondies approached her I hoped she wouldn’t become one of them-I doubt she likes pink though! And she’s not! She didn’t take Rachelle’s hand; she rejected her invitation and came up with those smart nicknames. She’s cool!

     Johnny knows something is wrong with me but he doesn’t bother me. He with me when I talked to her outside of school. He doesn’t understand why I did that! But he didn’t ask any questions.

      I stole her e-mail address and send her a mail. She answered; I had a lot of fun talking to her. And now I saw her in the movies. She was with Kate, Brian, Olivia and Vanessa and another girl whose name I heard was Claire. Aha, she’s an old friend of Julia’s. I think Johnny was looking at her but I didn’t pay much attention. We were behind them in the line. Julia looked great, simple, natural and absolutely marvelous.

     Without wanting to I listened to what this Claire was saying. Oh, so Julia is a fighter! When I heard about the guy who touched her I wanted to punch someone. “Hey, Kyle, relax!” Johnny said. But I couldn’t. “What’s wrong with you man?! Cool!” he said. I managed to relax. After the movie we went to eat.

      I heard about this Nate and I want to kick his ass so badly. Two girls were coming towards our table, when Julia got up from hers and went to the bathroom. The girls just wanted sex. And I wasn’t in the mood! I just wanted to kick someone. Johnny wasn’t in the mood either. So the girls left disappointed. Like I care. “Kyle, what’s going on?” Johnny asked me. “I don’t know.” I said truthfully.

      I looked towards the bathroom. “Man, from the moment you saw the new girl you haven’t stopped looking at her! Are you in love?” he asked teasingly. He whispered the last part. I raised an eyebrow. “No way, Johnny” I said.

     He just shrugged. Julia came out then. Her green eyes are so beautiful. And more than that she is smart and she has guts!

     What the heck am I talking about? I don’t find any girl beautiful for more than one night!

     Is it possible that I’m actually in love? No way!!!!!...

       Normal P. O. V.

         I came out of the bathroom expecting that Kyle and Johnny would have left with the girls. But Kyle was there with an unreadable expression and Johnny was watching his friend closely. The girls were back in their table disappointed. I don’t know why but I felt happy. Why?!

     I went back to my table. After an hour we left. Claire and I slept immediately. I was so tired even though it was Sunday I woke up at 10:30 a.m. I went to the kitchen and had some cereal and juice. On the fridge was a note from Dad. “Sorry, but I had to work! Don’t wait up for me.”  Typical.  I sat on the living room watching some television. One hour later Claire woke up and in an hour she’ll leave. She had breakfast and came and sat next to me. “I don’t want to leave. I had so much fun!” she said and hugged me. “You’ll be back next weekend” I reminded her. “I know pumpkin! But I missed you and I hate that!” she said. “I’ve missed you too Claire. You are my best friend!” I said and hugged her back.

    She got ready after that. Her taxi came and she was gone. We texted for a while, saying nothing important. In the afternoon I cooked. I made some meat rolls and potatoes with sauce. Hot sauce. Yum!  I checked my homework and then I slept. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow night! What?!?!

     I woke up with a smile. And that is really rare for me, especially on Mondays. I got ready and still I was cheerful. I went to the kitchen. Dad wad drinking his coffee, so I kept my happiness to myself. Dad looked at me with a smile. “Julia, I’m going to be late again today, ok?” he said. “How late?” I asked. “After midnight, honey. I’m sorry” he said. “It’s ok, Dad. It’s your job, I understand” I said and smiled.

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