Dinner with a Hormonal Michael

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***Author's Note: This Imagine contains strong sexual references and mature content. If you don't feel comfortable reading this type of material please don't read this chapter. Otherwise enjoy!***

*Brittani's POV*

You just got out of the shower and had your towel around your body. You walked into your bedroom you share with your husband, Michael. He was sitting on the bed, he looks up at you and bites his lip. A playful smirk plays on his deliciously plump lips, oh no...not right now. We have a dinner to get ready for, we've cancelled on his parents so many times now we can't this time.

"Why don't you take a picture? It'd last longer." You laugh at his not so subtle stare.

He got up and walked over to you, he wrapped his strong arms around your waist. You ignored him while you were searching for your dress.

"I could but what's the point? When I can touch anyway." He whispers in your ear.

You shiver in delight, it doesn't take much for him to get you turned on. But you can't get into this right now you are due at his parents house in less than an hour, he slides his hands down to your behind, gripping tightly.

"Michael!" You gasp, he chuckles at your reaction.

"We still have another forty-five minutes until we're actually meant to be there." He says, leaning in to kiss your neck.

You close your eyes, enjoying the affection you're receiving. You quickly open your eyes once you feel something poking your behind.

"Michael we can't. We've cancelled on your parents numerous times already...if we do tonight less than an hour before we're meant to show up they're going to be angry at us. Your Mother has probably already gone to lengths at setting up." You turn around and sigh.

He groans in irritation. He releases his grip on you but points his finger at you.

"This isn't over, Brittani. I will have you." He warns with a smirk.

You start to grow weak in the knees, but you quickly turn around and slip into your dark red dress. You put on some heels and fix your hair and apply some light make up. You walk back into the bedroom and see Michael's wearing a matching suit to the colour of your dress with his hair neatly tied back. You couldn't help but bite down on your bottom lip. He smirks at your reaction.

"You know, I'm sure my parents would understand if

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"You know, I'm sure my parents would understand if..." You placed your finger over his lips.

"No. We're going, whether you like it or not." You squint your eyes at him.

He pouts in defeat and you giggle. You both go over to his parents house on schedule like planned. His Mother, Katherine smiles at the both of you.

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