How To Stabilize Part 12

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22nd October 2016 All Rights reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I managed to sneak in to the house before Mrs Beemer had gotten up later that morning.

I had limped my way all the way home feeling my knees sting with each painful step. Even my hip was giving me a throbbing reminder from an earlier time. I guess I must have hurt it again when I landed.

I quietly entered the house through the back landing and went straight to the back utility room where there is another shower for those who have eith used the pool or have been doing work outside.

There were robes hanging up inside one of the closets and after stripping down to skin and noticing the few grazes I had, I climbed into the hot steaming shower to stand there with my hands leaning against the tiles and letting the water flow down over me washing away not only the dirt but also all evidence of his touch.

Not that the water could wash away the slight bruises I found that covered my thighs and shoulders as well as the 'love bites' I found that littered my throat and breasts.

I stared at them in the mirror remembering how I got them before turning away to grab one of those robes to wrap myself in before making my way upstairs and quietly but slowly go to my room.

After making sure my door was locked, I drew closer to my bed and just pulled the doona back and climbed in and pulled it up and over my head not caring that my hair was still damp either in the loose towell I had it wrapped in at the moment.

Having my hair dampen the pillow covered the evidence with the tears that fell over the next few hours.

I eventually dropped off to sleep sometime later falling into a sleep so deep I didn't even hear the knocks on the door every hour or so and it was well after lunch that I was roused enough to hear the latest knock.

"I'm awake." I grumbled as I pulled my head out of the cocoon I had made for myself in my bed.

"I have some lunch for you, dear." I heard Mrs Beemer call out through the door to me.

"I'll be out shortly, Beemy." I said calling her by the name I normally do when it's just us in the house.

"Your father is also asking about you too, dear." She went on to mention to me through the door which had me groaning at that.

Just another pain in the arse man I have to deal with.

I pushed to doona back from me and lay there for a few minutes trying not to remember what had happened earlier that morning.

I guess he will always see me as that feral kid that ran around barefoot in ragged clothes investigating the countryside.

Pushing the doona further back from me, I swung my legs out and off the bed, pushing myself up to sit on the side of the bed to rub my face with my hands before pushing my hair back away from my face.

I made my way into my bathroom to wash my face and clean my teeth and run a brush quickly through my hair to tame the wild curls, which didn't look much different.

After getting some jeans and a long sleeve, high neck shirt on over the underwear I pulled out of the drawers, I began to make my way down stairs to the kitchen where I know Beemy would be waiting.

Stepping into the kitchen, I saw a plate sitting on the bench covered with cutlery beside it.

Assuming that it was for me, I made my way across the room and after climbing onto one of the stools, I lifted the cover to see a nice looking sandwich with meat and salad.

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