no 3rd book

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i know that those of you who were here when this book ended, were under the impression that i was writing a 3rd book called "Remembering Phil" but that is no longer the case. And for that, I'm sorry.

The b&b serious was my first ever fanfiction, and it is amazing that it got to where it is  ow, and that's all thanks to you guys. I'm so lucky to have had you guys supporting me along the way. Thank you.

And i'm sorry that i'm no longer writing phan fanfictions, i really am. When i initially made the decision to stop, YES i was angry at dan, but that was NOT the reason i stopped. It just made it final. I had already been up in the air about finishing "A forever home" since i started that book, some of you know that, as many of you begged me to continue with it, and i tried, i did. But i just wasn't into it. I didn't plan anything out, and as the writer I WAS confused about what was going on. So that is why I won't be finishing that book.

As for "Remembering Phil" I have absolutely no motivation for it. I have plenty of ideas, and if you guys want i'll write a summary of what i was going to write and how it was going to end, but i won't be writing a full sized book on it. As far as the plot, you guys deserve to know, because i did leave you at quite the cliffhanger on "The Aftermath."

"Crimson Serial Killer" not gonna lie, i might just change the names and continue that story bc i love it. so, idk i'll keep you posted on that.

And lastly; i am publishing a kpop book very soon, like within a week. It is all writen, already finished (mostly) i just need to publish it. it is called "safe" and it's taekook.

bc yall know i only write the gays.


it wouldn't be written by me if it wasn't sad. just saying. l

I love you guys and thank you for all your support. feel free to either message me on here about any questions you might have or if you just want to chat/ or hmu on twitter @calmseokjin

and if u want a look into my personal life, add me on snapchat (cicimightbelost)

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