Being Wrong Part 11

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22nd October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Sarah's POV...

"What the fuck." I heard groaning which caused me to open my eyes a sliver to see him sitting on the edge with his naked back to me while holdinghis head in his hands.

The blankets draped across his lap covering his modesty.

Since this is the very first time I have ever been in this situation, I wasn't too sure how I was suppose to act. Should I say something or should I stay quiet. But going on how much we enjoyed ourselves last night, I was thinking that it would turn out okay.

Moving carefully closer to him while  keeping the sheet across my chest, I moved a little getting up behind him on my knees and carefully rested a hand on the back of his shoulder.

"Reid. Are you okay?" I asked him in a quiet and soothing voice much like Mrs Beemer uses on me when I'm upset.

That seemed to work with me when I was upset and I've seen it work on others. Maybe it will work if I use it on him too. But it didn't. I guess I must have shocked him a little.

He jerked away from my touch lifting his head to spin around to look at me.

"What the.. What the fuck are you  doing here?" He asked me sounding horrified when he looked at me. He was staring at my face looking at each of my features as if he was memorizing them.

I really wasn't sure what to say exactly in this situation, but I gave it a go.

"We came back from.." Was all I got out as his eyes widened with each word I spoke causing me to stop speaking to bite my bottom lip. I was nervous. really nervous with how this was beginning to turn out.

"I don't believe it. I can't believe it. The feral kid is in my bed. What the fuck was I thinking." He was muttering to himself as he lifted one hand to his head as he stood up dragging the blanket with him covering his front.

Then he snapped his eyes up at me and he was then looking at me with an angry look. Really angry is how I would describe the look on his face. I was beginning to feel nervous again.

I made a move to get a little closer to him but he stepped back from me.

" You knew who I was when you approached me in the club, didn't you?" He asked me with a growl as he glared at me.

"Of course. I have always wanted to get to know you. But all you ever saw was the wild kid that ran around town with.." He cut me off from finishing my sentence.

" So you planned all this? Are you stupid or something?" He was demanding in an annoying tone of voice to me.

"No! I did not plan this." I snapped back at him as I threw the sheets back on the bed so he would see the evidence of this being my very first time in a mans bed like this.

I watched as his face paled seeing the drops of blood on the sheet.

At least that was something that Mrs Beemer had told me to expect the first time I would be with someone. She didn't tell me though that it would sting like a bitch  when it happened.

That was something I really wasn't expecting at all. But then it was my first time and no matter what I had been told, it was all unexpected anyway.

"I don't believe this. I don't believe it." He kept muttering as he rubbed a hand over his face before dropping it down to cover his mouth as he stared at me.

'Get up and get out." He growled at me after lowering his hand causing my own eyes to widen when I heard what he said.

"I .." I began to speak.

"I don't give a flying fuck what the hell you want to say. Get the fuck out of my house. NOW." He ended up yelling at me as he jerked the blanket from the bed and stomped across the room to go into the ensuite bathroom and slamming the door shut behind him.

I was left there resting on my knees in the bed with quivering lips and tears filling my eyes not really expecting that this would be how it turned out.

I thought it would be different. I really did.

How on earth did I get it so wrong I thought as I carefully moved about wincing with the soreness I was feeling in various parts of my body as I climbed off the bed and looked around for my clothes.

Seeing them laying on the floor across from me, I quickly grabbed them and after sliding on my underwear, I pulled my dress over my head and pulled it down over my body all the while watching the door across from me and waiting for it to open.

I sat on the bed and waited for Reid to come out which didn't happen until after I heard the shower come on and shut off.

Then the door was yanked open with him stepping into the bedroom to halt and stare at me again wearing just a towel which was wrapped around his hips. Now I am not blind. The man has a gorgeous body for his age. There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere that I could see.

"I told you to get the fuck out. Or can't you listen?" He snapped at me as he stalked across the room and grabbed my arm pulling me up and begin dragging me out of the room.

After trying to talk to him and trying to explain to him why I allowed this to happen, he kept growling at me as he dragged me down the hallway  towards the front door not caring that I was stumbling with him walking so fast.

After opening the front door once we reached it and pulling me outside, he jerked me forward and I slipped at the top of the stairs and lost my footing to fall.

Not having hold of anything to help me keep my balance, I cried out as I fell down the few stairs hitting each one to land very painfully with another painful groan very awkwardly in the dirt where my hands were now skinned along with my knees through the pretty dress which was now ruined.

Trying to climb to my feet was a chore, but I managed it to hold onto the bottom of the post gasping in pain, trying so hard not to sob like I really wanted to.

" That's where you belong.. in the dirt like the feral animal you are. Don't come back again. You won't like what will happen." He snarled at me. He really did.

Gasping in pain still, I bent to pick up my shoes where he threw them along with my stole which was also laying in the dirt. I glanced back up at him to see that he was just glaring at me still.

I opened my mouth to try and talk to him again, but he just turned his back and walked back in through the door, slamming it behind him.

Feeling sobs welling up from deep within, I turned and limped on my way leaving the place I haven't been at for years making my way home along a familiar path.

How could I have gotten it so wrong?

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