Complicated... Kind of... I think...

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   “It will be fine, Julia” my Dad said. We are driving to New Jersey, to our new house. We moved from Chicago. “Sure” I told him, sarcastically. “Julia Sheridan, why do you have to be so pessimistic?” he asked me and chuckled. My Dad is optimistic and happy! So was my Mom. She died 3 years ago. I rolled my eyes. “I don’t know, Dad. And it’s really not my fault. I was born with it” I said. My Dad laughed.

    It’s Saturday and this Monday school starts. My senior year starts.  And I’m away from my school. I’m going to a new one. It was late afternoon when we reached our new house. It has 2 floors and an attic. Dad had a cleaning crew to clean the house, so it was spotless. The furniture were in, so were the boxes. We took our suitcases and moved them to the bedrooms.

     We got to work immediately. We started fixing the kitchen. We were through with it in one hour and a half. It was 8:30 p.m.  We moved to the living room. We finished it in 30 minutes. Next the dining room. In another 30 minutes we were done. We moved some things to the basement, the attic is still empty.

   We fixed the bathroom on this floor and then we fixed the common bathroom to the 2nd floor. The second floor has 4 bedrooms. The two were now occupied by my Dad and me.  And the third by my best friend, Claire Cooper. She is my best and only friend, especially after my Mother died. She really helped me.

    My Dad’s office is on the 1st floor. The 1st floor has the dining room, the living room, the kitchen and a bathroom. We fixed our rooms. Then I fixed the room Claire will sleep in and Dad fixed the second guest room. It was half an hour after midnight when we were done. But at least we’ll have the following day to rest and make changes in case we don’t like something. I took a shower.

     I changed in my pajamas and crashed. My Dad’s room is far down the hall from mine. Oh, and each bedroom has each own bathroom.

     When I woke up at 10:05a.m. I was disoriented. Then I remembered. New town, new house, new room. Ugh! The curtains were closed. The curtains are white with thick beige curtains over them. I got up and put on my sweat pants and a Chicago Bulls t-shirt. I went to the kitchen. I noticed we did a good job, even though we were tired and it was night.

     Dad was sitting in the kitchen table reading a newspaper. He had made breakfast. Pancakes and orange juice. I sat and said “’Morning, Dad” “Good Morning, Jules” he said smiling. He was drinking his coffee. I ate my pancakes and drunk my juice. “Well, tomorrow you’ll go alone at school. First you’ll go to the secretary, ok?” Dad said, while I placed the plates and the glass on the sink. “Ok. I’m going up to open my laptop and talk with Claire” I said and started to leave. “Wait, Jules” Dad said. “Yes?” I said and turned to him.

     “You know that I’m proud of you, right?” he asked. “Of course, Dad” I said and smiled. One of my true smiles, rare for me “Good” he said. I went up to my room and turned on my laptop. Claire was already in.

    “Good Morning, pumpkin” she said to me. Claire always calls me by nicknames. I just rolled my eyes. “Good Morning, Claire” I said to her. “How’s the house?” she asked. “Nice. We fixed it” I said. “Cool!!! J Did u fix my room?” she asked. “Yeah! It’s next to my room. U have your own bathroom” I said. “Yay!” she said.

     “Big day tomorrow” she said. “Sure” I said without caring. “I’m sure everyone will ask about you tomorrow” she said. “Sure, sure” I said. “Trust me they will. And at the end of the day u will have a lot of text messages and e-mails.” She said. “Whatever” I said. “Please, see if there are any good looking guys at your school” she said.

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