Bending backwords

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The next few days with Noah were all the same. He finally learned to sleep in his own bed and not mine. Nat hadn't called as much as she usually did. Maybe she thought she was boring me to death. Liam and the boys often came over to help me with Noah. I know how much help could I need? We'll let's say this dog was a very anxious dog. I love the little mutt like my own, but I've had him for almost a week and he is so jumpy and playful. He even wakes me up during the night to play.

My phone was chewed and I had to buy a new one. My shoes, the new ones, were chewed up I had to replace them. I'm sorry but a dog like this was just to loose and wild for my taste.

I didn't want to hurt Nat's feelings but the dog was getting on my nerves.

"NO NOAH DON'T," I yelled at him as he took my only set of keys to my house that I owned.

I chased him through the hall, down the stairs, and to the kitchen. He looked right at me with the keys in his mouth. He leaned his head down and put the keys in front of him and ran off I swore he was taunting me.

"Amanda why are you chasing the dog around the house," Louis asked with the other guys coming in behind him. I lifted my hands in the air as to surrender.

"That is it I've had it with this mutt Nat will have to pick him up at the pound," I said walking to the living and not remembering my keys lying on the floor.

I sat on the couch and tried not to even think about what I just said. I loved Noah but he was tearing me to pieces. I sat there looking into space and started to call Nat but I got a text from her instead.

'Hey Mandy, I have to stay here a few more weeks actually a month please say you can watch Noah that long'

"Really," I said aloud without thinking.

"What is something wrong," Louis asked coming into the living room.

"Just peachy," I said looking at my phone.

"Um how long does he have to stay anyway," Liam asked sitting beside me. Louis sat on the other side of Liam.

"A month longer, I can't take it," I said placing my phone in my lap. Liam grabbed it and I let him because I couldn't care right now.

"Look well stay with you for the next few weeks and help with Noah," Liam said looking at the boys. I shrugged.

"He's a dog I don't think six people in one house will really make a difference he's still going to ruin my life," I said placing my feet on my coffee table.

"Um eight people, El and Perrie are going to stay too," Louis said correcting me. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Tell her it's okay," I told Liam. He started typing on my touch keyboard. I can't believe I bought a new iPhone because of that mutt. What was with him? I didn't even want to see him right now.

I sat there while the boys discussed arrangements, nice to invite yourselves. I heard something strange coming from the kitchen so I got up and walked through the door. NO Noah was raiding the fridge.

"NO,WHAT ARE YOU DOING," I asked. I knew he wouldn't answer me though. The boys came running in after me to see what was going on.

There was food and milk and not to mention cokes and egg on the floor. What could be worst that this? Oh wait, nothing.

"Well, we have hardly no food now, my floor is a mess, and the dog needs a bath and he won't set still for no one," I told them. They looked at each other. I threw my hands up to hit the dog but when I seen the look in its eyes I couldn't do it.

"Amanda, we'll go to town and get some food and things, Niall and Zayn can clean this up and Harry and Louis can give that thing a bath," Liam said. I didn't care but Harry didn't seem to fond of the idea, though he didn't disapprove. I was upset and he was scared.

Liam and I grabbed our keys, my house key and his car key. He got in the driver side of his black Subaru. I got In the passengers side. He drove to the market and the ride was silent.

He was to scared to say anything. I was so angry at that mutt it wasn't even funny. In fact I would have smacked that thing silly if it hadn't have looked at me like it did.

For the most part I didn't want to be anywhere near that dog but somehow I was stuck with it. Now the guys are doing the very thing I was against this whole time. They were staying with me to help with that animal and not only that they were brining their ladies to help. This was a disaster.

When we arrived at the market I jumped out and waited for Liam in front of the car. He parked right up front. Liam locked the car and walked in with me side by side. The market was a small market with a lot of dairy products, fruits, vegetables, fruits, meats, some junk food.

"So lets get a cart and get what we absolutely need," he said shocking me. Wow he was a saving person too.

We got a cart and walked down the isles stopping in front of the tomatoes.

"Three or four," I asked. He shrugged and half smiled.

"Six," he said causing me to remember just how many people were staying with me. I grabbed a little weighing bag and grabbed six of the tomatoes and placed them in

The bag. We headed for the dairy to get three gallon of low-fat milk. I decided we'd better get eggs since we were right beside them.

"Get at least three cartons," Liam said holding onto the cart. I grabbed three cartons and put them in the front so they wouldn't get broken.

"Now we shall go to the fruits," I said as he pushed the cart. We stopped in front of the fruit stand. I grabbed two bags of apples and some bananas for Harry. I also grabbed three bags of oranges. I managed to ind the grapes. Luckily they weren't out of raspberries. I grabbed two cases of strawberries. I was a health freak.

After that we managed to get three loaves of bread since I only had two at the house. My phone rang in my pocket. I made Liam answer it.

"Liam speaking," he said causing me to snicker. He kept nodding and saying 'yeah' until he finally hung up the phone and gave it back.

"Dog is clean and asleep oh and we have to get something to cook for dinner tonight and Niall wants you to get him something sweet," Liam said with a breath at the end of it.

We headed for the snack cakes and chips. I decided to get a big bag if sour cream and onion chips. I got a bag of Doritos and a box of pecan swirls. I grabbed a box of nutty bars. I also managed to find two boxes of zebra cakes. We made our way towards the meats. I grabbed three packages of frozen steaks each holding six stakes. I grabbed everything I needed for a salad and the dressings. I got ranch and Italian.

I headed for the drinks and got a case of Mountain Dew and a case of Pepsi but I got two cases of coke. I managed to get a whole case of dr pepper.

We paid for our things and loaded them in the back. Some of them were in the backseat. The ride back to my house was lonely. We had been at that market for at least ninety minutes. I was getting hungry.

When we arrived back home Liam popped the truck opened and yelled for help. Two beautiful girls came out along side the boys. They introduced themselves then helped us carry the food inside. The floors were clean and Noah was no where in sight. I was lucky now.

"Okay I'll put these up you go get some rest and since we know what we're having for dinner ill cook," Perrie insisted I started to say something but she pointed her fingers and me to go.

I walked into the living room and sat down turning the television on. I only had five months to find love and I don't know how I was going to do that. I relaxed for only a few minutes before my eyes gave in and I fell asleep.

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