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Jade pushed him away and got in his face, "I ain't doin' shit." He grabbed her wrist making her wince in slight pain.

"It's funny how you think you have an option here. You were the last one he's been seen with before he took my shit and disappeared. So you've got no other option but to agree with this or you'll have to repay his debt" He ran his hand through her thick hair and over her neck.

"You can't do shit to me, I didn't even take your money! If I did I wouldn't be working here! Now get your fucking hands off me" He let go of her and she walked out the door.

He followed behind her and stood on the door way as she pulled on a robe, "Why the hell are you still here? I told you all I know already"

He blocked the door and reached into his pocket, "I can pay you, I just need my shit back"

Jade rocked back and forth with a number in mind, "a grand" He shrugged and pulled out 10 hundred dollars bills like it was nothing.

She let out a giggle and pushed the money away. "Not a grand solid, a grand a week" He rolled his eyes let out a sigh. "No" She shrugged and pushed him out the way.

"I'm not about to give a thousand dollars a week to look for someone, when I can get somebody else to do it for me"

"I never said I was cheap"

"You sure about that?" She pressed her tongue against her cheek to prevent her from doing something she would regret.

"Listen, you think I don't know about how much money you're making a day?! I'm not stupid asshole. You're a Drug Lord! You're practically a walking bank. Now run me 2 thousand dollars a week because I'm the best thing you've got right now" He shifted on his feet and stared at the brown goddess.

"But you said a grand" "My price raised since you wanna be a bitch. You think I want to work as a stripper? No. I want to go back to school but that asshole took all my money so now I'm broke. I have student loans and rent to pay and I'm barely getting by. I know he took some of your supply and he's probably selling himself. I don't see how you haven't figured it out yet. So do you want to pay me now or later" He was silent as she went on and on. When she was done talking he added to the money and slapped it in the palm of her hand.

"And don't tell anyone about this. I'm not looking to get killed. Now If you need me, I'll be looking for another job. I need to get out of this place"

G walked behind her as she led him out the building, "I've got a job for you" She put a hand on his chest coming to a halt.

"You already have me helping you with finding him, I can't be selling on the side too. I'll go to jail"

"I wouldn't have you selling for me. I have people to do that for me. I actually have a kid."

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