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Hey Mysterycators. We've searched in every corner, walked down every dark road, explored a haunted house, and have finally found what we're looking for! The answers to many wanted questions!

Today, we're excited to share the start of a new segment. Advice from writers! Not just any writers, though. Our very own!  From undiscovered stars, to up-and-coming writers, and even fan favourites, we've asked them all the same question.

What advice would you give a writer?

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Everyone will have different tricks, tips, and advice. The best thing to do is find out what works for YOU!

Our first piece is from PinkPreppyPerfect

Hey Guys, Emery here!

For those of you who don't know me, I have a mystery/thriller book on here called Hidden Truths. It's currently ranking at number three and it's been featured. Obviously, this doesn't make me an expert writer, but I figure I have some tips I could share with others!

What advice do you have for new writers?

Read as much as you can, google things that you're going to write about in your story and just write. I know it sounds so stupid and you've heard it before but reading other stories will help you. I tend to outline each chapter, It doesn't have to be anything huge, a short summary usually is enough. Another thing that works is writing without thinking. I'll write as fast as I can for the first draft and edit after. It really does help to not think, but just write. It might be terrible but at least you have stuff written!

How do you create plot twists?

I think plot twists need to be natural to the readers and to your story. The twist should be hinted about before you put in a twist or the readers are going to be confused more than shocked. Creating plot twists really comes down to your individual book. Maybe the MC is getting cheated on, maybe the person you thought was dead just faked it, maybe the MC is the killer after everyone was convinced they weren't.

If I write all about how these two characters are so in love and nothing could break them apart and then the guy dumps the girl and walks away NO ONE IS GOING TO GET IT. You could write about the guy replying to the girl an eye roll or maybe he gets annoyed easily. Something, anything that shows she annoys him or hurt him would suffice.

How can you build up suspense?

Books in mystery/thriller may be vastly different but they all have the same core– Who did it? Readers want to know who did it and why. You need to leave a trail of clues. You can't just give it everything away before the end of the book. No one will keep reading. Why would you keep reading a mystery if you already know why something happened? You wouldn't. With my book, it's been pretty easy. Honestly, in any mystery/thriller book you can build suspense as long as you don't give everything away in the beginning. Hidden Truths is told before and after a murder of the MC's best friend and the chapters aren't in chronological order. Being out of order helps me because whenever I end a chapter you're not really sure what's coming next. Even writing in chronological order you can do this.

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