Chapter 5

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When I got home, Nick called me. He's real cool. He could be a bestfriend. Mya though, that's my nigga. We chillan today after school.
Mya drove to my house and we took my car to the mall.
" yeah girl , Skeeta wants you."
" he is cute though!"
" yeah you should try him."
We walked in foot locker. I was finna spend this 2k up. I saw 3 boys come towards us. One was tall and had golds and tattoos everywhere. He looked at me and I hurried and looked away. I picked out 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of socks to match and paid for them.

"Damn ma, you balling like that? I see your swag game right." Said the dude.
" it's alright."
"I'm Michael. And you are?"
Him and his boys laughed. Mya and I walked away and sat in the food court. We see girls eyeing us down. Tf? Does anybody like me here? They approached our table. "So you the bitch that's taking all Cash's attention?"
"He's my boyfriend so yeah. And who you calling a bitch?"
"YOU! Why you got a problem?"
" I swear y'all hoes funny af now days. Fighting over dick that don't want y'all."
"I'm tired of your ass!" She punched me in my face. Before I could react my reflexes kicked in and I punched the shit out of her. I felt a tooth come out her mouth. I got on top of her and started pounding her ass. I felt her friend punch me in the head and mya grabbed her by her neck and slung her across the court. She ran over there and slapped the shit out of her. She's officially my bestfriend.

I felt a man grab me off her and handcuff me.
"You get one phone call." Said the policeman. Oh my gosh. I had just beaten some bodies ass. Well she asked for it.

Sorry this chapter was so short. I'm tired af but I'll update tomorrow 😘
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