22 ; Chapter Twenty Two

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I didn't want to go to school after I had single handedly unleashed those pictures to the school population. I felt like a terrible friend. It felt like they were my nudes, not hers. I felt like I was the one who was bared to the world. I think subconsciously I decided to feel embarrassed for her since she couldn't do it herself.

I walked into school and couldn't ignore the stares and the hushed conversations. Freddie had a dentist appointment and was going to be late. I couldn't take all of the rumours and took off towards the empty stairwell opposite the art corridor.

I sat on the stairs with my head in my hands when I heard heavy footsteps coming in my direction.

    "Where did you get those photos?" A voice seethed from above me.

I looked up, startled and tried to figure out who this was.


    "Where did you get them?" he repeated. His voice was like thunder and his eyes were like lightning. It looked like he was trying to contain himself judging by his expression.

    "What's it to you?" I muttered as I tried to figure out who he was.

David Archer

The name came to me from nowhere. I knew of David, but had never really been in communication with him. His mother had died two years ago and he stopped coming to school, forcing him to resit a year. He got put into our grade and didn't really speak to anyone from what I knew.

    "The film got stolen from my camera and now they're everywhere!" he shouted and my brain stumbled over his words.

    "You took them?"

    "I'm fucking in one of them. The jocks figured it out and have been coming at me mercilessly. Why would you put them everywhere - she was your friend."

    "It was an accident!" I snarled out before standing up. "How did you know Pandora? Why the fuck would she let you take photos of her?"

He stopped for a couple of seconds, "She was my model."

   "Model?" I snorted, "is that how you get your kicks? Is your dick so small you can't actually do anything with them so you just look?"

I zoned out after I said it, registering the rage and surprise on his face. 

    "What?" Pandora snorted to Everett, "is your dick so small that you'd rather look than do anything with them?

Everett scowled and looked like he wanted to punch her for embarrassing him in front of his friends. They were snickering behind him and Pandora had that smile on her face. The one she did when she was pleased that she'd managed to tear someone down a peg.

    "I never heard you complaining," he shot back.

Pandora raised an eyebrow, "Oh honey, did you put it in? I thought you fell asleep, I sure know I did."

The boys burst into riotous laughter as they hooted. I felt my cheeks warming with embarrassment at Pandora's vulgarness.

Everett stormed off, shouting about how she was a "fucking bitch".

   "Someday, you're going to say something to the wrong person and they're going to punch you right in the face," I said as we walked toward the courtyard. The sun was beating down against the concrete and reflecting off, warming everywhere. It was a week to summer and I for one was excited that I'd be able to get out of here and sit and do nothing for two months.

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