Growing changes

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 *p.s. I'm probably gonna change the title sometime, I just didn't have any inspiration for now*

  Staring at the clock I groan. Man how much I hate gym, having to run for 20 minutes I just find it plain ridiculous.

    Later in the day still exhausted from first block, yes I have gym first block which sucks, I make my way to second block.

Shuffling into my desk I set my eyes on the teacher. Taking in his gruff appearance as he scrutinizes us all no doubt judging us all in the back of his mind.

       "So students as you know we'll be doing the science fair soon and everyone has to enter, consider it a project."

   Groaning I let my eyes wonder around the room till they settle on Ella, all I have to do is mouth partners and she just solemnly nods looking ahead.

     After Mr. Harrin's rant about what we can and can't do, plus mentioning that its a pass fail thing so we better not screw up, I get up and walk to the other side of the class.

   " Do you have any ideas yet? " I question

   Just as she's about to reply there's a cough from behind me. Turning around I see Timothy, Ella's latest crush.

   "Hello ladies, I hope I'm not interrupting, but Ella do you have a partener yet?"

     Her eyes shoot to me automatically as if in a questioning manner, I just smile along and urge her along. When she accepts, I decide to take that as my cue to wonder around the classroom in search of a new partner.

   However I come up short sighing I make my way to the teachers desk.

   " Mr. Harrin there's not any partners left what am I supposed to do?"

   Dread starts to settle as I realize how much I'll have to work since its only me. His eyes survey the class then shoot back to me. As soon as he grunts no doubt about to lecture me about how I'll be working on my own.

     The door clashes open all heads turning to see the intruder.

  "Oh Hunter, nice to see you your partner will be Alex I'm sure she'll be happy to explain it to you," he finishes his statement then goes back to his newspaper

    I'd have to say I'd probably be better on my own. Lucky me got partnered with a kid that doesn't even do his work, none more than even attempt to pay attention in class.

   Hunters like the cliche loner that all the girls swoon over but hardly know him. Its easy to see how they could though, I mean come on the guys got blue eyes that even though always seem so emotionless seem to hold something deep beyond the eyes heck beyond comprehension. His hairs a deep rich brown swished a little like the typical style now a days. He's 6'2 certainly towering over my short frame at exactly 5'0.

    Carefully I pick up my things as to not drop or trip on anything. But when do things ever go my way? My shoe barely getting stuck on my pants is enough to send me barreling toward the floor.

    Closing my eyes I wait for the painful impact to come and show itself. I feel a swoosh as my hairs swifted around my face, pacing myself I open my eyes to see the entire classes eyes burning into me like hungry vulchers. Thats when I notice the warm arms circled around me keeping me in place.

   The warmth seeping into my pores I practically force myself to see my savior.

    Hunter, blue eyes set on me burning through me as if he hates me with a passion.

   Gulping I croak, " Ttthank youu."

     Now my face is beet red probably resembling a horrid clown with too much blush. Saving myself from anymore embarrassment that could come out of this awkward situation I dash to my seat, walking super carefully might I add.

    Turning around to look for Hunter, I expect him to already be near his seat, but instead he's past it and heading straight toward the door.

    The teacher not once looking up as a loud bang carries itself through the room, the only signal that he left or was there at all.

   Furrowing my eyebrows, confusion settles building a great big nest conspirering everywheres.

   My eyes scan across the classroom, noticing how everyone's back to normal working as partners like they should.

   Sighing I take a big gulp of confidence, if I needed this done I'd need help. So with no other choice I make my way out the door, in search for the only person that could help me with this stupid project.

* And thanks for reading! I really don't expect that many people to read anyways I just felt like writing so I did. I really don't have that many ideas for this story so just brace yourself, it could turn out wonderful or completely awful.

By the way I'm bound to have errors since I'm on my phone with no spellcheck. However, please vote if you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for giving it a chance, please stay tuned I'll try to make it better.

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