Thank God for break!

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"Class dismissed! This is your free period. I will be open for practices!" Madame Lipur says with a genuine smile. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but exploring New York City sounds great.

Alyssa grabs my wrist and stops me. "You busy this period?"

I'm really not busy as of now, but I'm not sure if I want to spend the time with her.

"Yeah, sorry! Why?" I brace myself at her reaction.

"No biggie. April was having a hip hop class, wanted to know if you would come." She shrugs slightly and walks out.

I feel comfterable again, as I join the passing crowd of students in the hallway. Several call out my name and say stuff about dance moms, but I try to ignore it.

When I open the dorm room door, I see Sasha's already there.

"Hey, you wanna get coffee with me and Candy?" She's grabbing money and putting it in a Vera Bradley wristlet.

Being I canceled my only other option with Alyssa, what else could I do?

"Yeah, sounds great. Give me a sec.." I trail off and grab my student pass.

"Lets hit it!" I squeal and open the door. I'm about as eager as a seven year old on Christmas morning.

Candy is waiting for us at the hallway by the stairs.

"Great, Maddie's coming too." She says sweetly, but her total concentration is on her phone. Which reminds me of texting my Mom, and friends back home.

When my phone's turned on, I instantly see a text from my mom, Mackenzie, and Brooke.

mom: hey mɑds! how's your fırst dɑy on cɑmpus? mıss yɑ!

I decide to keep it simple for my mom's text, and say I'll call later tonight and tell her all about it.

ĸenz: mɑddıe when cɑn ı come to nyc? hehe (; mıss u!

This text, is typical Mackenzie. Always worrying about what's in it for her. Gotta love little sisters!

Brooke's, is what really makes me miss Pittsburg.

brooĸe: mıss you ɑt cƖɑsses, gurƖy!

This makes it finally sink in, that I'm missing a whole summer competition season with MY team. A ton will happen that I'm going to miss.

I click my phone off and try to focus on the present. Which is Candy and Sasha giggling about something.

I'm introduced to the New York air, and it's breathtaking. High buildings, piled against the bustle of people. Starbucks is right around the corner, and we quickly snag a window table because Candy loves to people watch.

I order a peppermint mocha Frappuccino, and decide to go get everyone's orders.

The cashier smiles at me and slides our drinks across the table. Candy's is a bright pink color, with white swirls. It is a struggle to successfully carry three drinks, but I make it back to the table without spilling.

"So, how do you like it? Tell me everything." Candy gushes when I finally sit down.

"We'll, I'm a bit intimidated. The kids really have talent. It's really nice to be here though. The teachers are great. Although Amanda seems to hate me, and Sophie is totally boy crazy for Josh." I fess up and sip my drink calmly as Sasha and Candy crack up.

"You're really catching on quick Maddie." Sasha says between breaths of air.

"You are right about Soph. She's head over heels for Joshua." Candy sips her drink rapidly as Sasha nods in agreement.

"About Amanda though, she'll get over it. She's not used to anyone stealing her spotlight." Sasha is probably right about the last part, but I genuinely think she has it out for me.

"We'll, what class do you have directly after break?" Sasha finally says, breaking the awkward silence we've created.

"Um, I have technique dancing. How bout you girls?" I get out any last bits of Frappuccino I can and smile.

"Same! With Evelyn?" Candy pipes up. I eagerly not.

Sasha isn't so pleased however. "I have acting skills with Redd." She mutters with a displeased look.

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