Am I Ever Wanted? (Mindless Behavior Love Story)

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      Hi. My name is Renee Minaj yes I am Nicki Minaj's daughter but I don't know my dad. I have 2 best friends their names are Kiara Graham and Tiara Stevenson. Kiara Graham is the oldest child her dad is Drake and her mom is Rihanna (they got married). Tiara on the other hand is the middle child with a 18 year old brother who's name is Trey and she has a little baby brother named King her mom is Blac Chyna and her dad is Tyga. Tiara doesn't get along with her mom because Tiara doesn't want a stripper to be her mom. Everybody says that I have it all but I don't. My mom constantly brings different men into our house and they always want me and my 7 year old brother Neal to call them "dad". Continue reading!

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