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~ Scarlet's P.O.V ~

It was 11:15 pm, everyone in the house was asleep except my parents and my aunt Joline. My mom had invited my aunt and uncle over for dinner tonight, just to catch up on things. After dinner my sister, Faye, and I were told to go directly to bed so the adults could converse with one another. Us, being obedient 5 and 7 yr. old children, followed our mother's orders and went to our rooms.

Back to the present.

Faye and I were sound asleep. Our parents and aunt, in the lounge room talking. Uncle Ben had turned in early, for he himself were jet legged.

I was a mere second away from completely drifting into to dreamland, when I heard something in the hallway. At first I thought, ' Maybe it's uncle Ben shuffling to the bathroom...', but this sound was much different from shuffling feet. This sounded like one of the bedroom windows being opened.

I think the elders heard it too, because suddenly everything became dead silent. I was going to get up and wake Faye to go downstairs with me, when I saw a silhouette glide by my door. Luckily my door was closed, so whatever it was didn't see me or Faye's sleeping bodies.

I quickly and quietly got up, and shook Faye awake.

"Faye, Faye wake up! There's something in the house, get up!" I whisper yelled, violently shaking Faye now.

"Mmm, stop. Nothing's in the house okay, you're just seeing thi-" she was cut off by a terrible screaming. The source was downstairs, and that's when Faye and I hurriedly ran out into the hallway. When we got there, Uncle Ben was already in the hallway too.

"Stay here, and don't move..." he whispered to us. We nodded, as he had already made it halfway down the steps. I was curious, yet scared to know what was taking place downstairs. My curiousness got the best of me, so I crawled to the railing of the hallway and peered down.

I could not believe my eyes.

Merlin, the great wizard himself, was in our living room battling our family. I watched in terror as Merlin kept picking up sharp objects with magic, and hurling them towards my parents. At some point, mummy got hit in the shoulder with a pointy fireplace tool and we listened to her ear-shattering screams of pain.

That's when Faye and I lost it.

We knew we had to do something, but what? What could a mere 5 or 7 yr. old do to the most powerful wizard in all wizardry? Then, it hit me.

"The Stele!" I whispered yelled to Faye.

"Yes, go get them and draw the 'black rose' Stele on you're arm. I'll do the same, go, hurry!" she whisper yelled back. I quickly ran as fast as my little 5 yr. old legs could take me, and got the Steles. I hurriedly ran back to our hideout, and began drawing our Steles.

~ Faye's P.O.V ~

Once Scarlet finished drawing the Steles, we quickly and quietly snuck down the stairs and behind a nearby wall. We were feet away from the chaos, and we could feel the rumbling in the ground from impact of some of the objects being thrown. We decided then was the time to act.

We ran out from behind the wall, faces of furry, anger, hurt, and confusion.

"Don't touch our parents!" I shouted, hold my hand up and giving it a quick flick down. Merlin was sent face first into the ground. He had no time to react, as Scarlet's eyes turned gold and threw him into the stone fireplace to the left of him.

"Girls what are you doing?! I told you to stay upstairs!" uncle yelled, dodging Merlin's floating objects.

"He was hurting mum and dad!" Scarlet shouted, flinging her arms out in Merlin's direction and throwing them up, sending him slamming to the ceiling.

He was only getting madder by the second. He lifted up some fighting spears we had gotten on a vacation trip, and flung them in our direction. I quickly pushed Scar out of the way and ducked down, causing them to hit the wall instead.

The next thing that happened, scarred mine and Scarlet's thoughts forever. Merlin had gotten so mad, he began to glow. His eyes glowed white and so did his hands. Out of nowhere, he shout an orb out at my father. My father didn't have time to move or react in any way, for the orb was traveling way to fast. It struck him in the chest, sending father flying backwards to the ground. his body lay still and pale.

"DADDY!!!!" Scarlet cried, running and collapsing on his corpse. I couldn't believe what had just happened, as if my mind were moving in slow motion.

I felt numb.

I could no longer feel anything. My mother was mortified at the scene that had just unfolded in front of her. I didn't even realise that my mom and aunt had gotten both Scarlet and I off the ground and into a room upstairs. After aunt Joline left to go hold off the menacing downworlder downstairs, mother quickly drew unrecognizable symbols on mine and Scarlet's arms. Right as she finished, the door to the room flew off it's hinges.

He found us.

There in the doorway stood a menacing, 7ft tall, downworlder known as Merlin. He raised his hand and shot out a stream of white light, striking mum in the back. She screamed and shouted for help, for him to stop.

He didn't listen.

He kept going, until she stopped talking completely. He retracted his hand, causing the light to go away and my mother to collapse onto the floor of mine and Scarlet's room.

"NO, MUMMY!!!!!" Scarlet screeched.

I watched in complete horror as Scarlet was shaking mum to get up. Little did she know, she nor dad wouldn't be getting up for the rest of their lives.

"SCARLET, STOP!" I yelled and the mourning, broken little girl in front of me. I, too, have tears in my eyes as I try to pry Scarlet's little arms from around mum's neck.

"NOOO!!! NOOOO!!!!!" she's kicking and screaming as aunt Joline and uncle Ben picked us up and carried us out of the room. Merlin had tried to hurt us, but somehow got burned and fled the scene.

The cops were at the house and removed our parent's bodies. Scarlet and I were sitting with our aunt and uncle in the back of an ambulance, wrapped in blankets.

We had to make up a story as to what happened. It was posed as a murder, and the 'killer' was never caught.


Years have passed, and we've been taken in by aunt Joline and uncle Ben. I am now 17 yrs. old. Scar, 15. We had a funeral for our parents of course. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of there killings by 'HIM'. We have yet to officially move into our new home. Scarlet and I still have to finish exams at our old school so those scores can get transferred.

Life has been crazy for us since that day, but Scar and I are learning to cope and we're getting better at it everyday...

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