Part Two

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"I want to go to sleep, and you to be the last thing I see, and when I awake, I want for you to be whom I awake to.

"Do you want to see me, too?"

"When I eat any meal, I hope to do so next to or opposite you, the meal being something we cooked for the other.

"Do you want that, too?"

"I want to take you out to fancy places. or just have little picnics on the hill.

"Do you wish to do these with me, too?" 

"I want to read books with you by the fire during winter, or go out dncing in the spring.

"Do you want to spend your years with me, too?"

"I want to be the one, to whom you give your heart, which I will care for, for the rest of my life, and in return I'll give you mine.

"Will you take care of mine, too?"

"I want to nurse you when you are ill, and hold you when ou are scared, and comfort you when you are sad.

"Will you do that for me, too?"

"I want to be the one with whom you can share anything.

"Can I tell you things, too?"

"If we are ever separated, I will fight endlessly to get to you.

"Will you fight for me, too?"

"I want to walk by your side, with your hand in mine.

"Will you hold my hand, too?"

"I want to come home from a stressful day, and have you listen to my rants.

"Do you want me to listen to you, too?"

"I want see you walk towards me in a white dress, a smile blessing your graceful features, with flowers in your hair, and when you reach me, I want to put a ring on your finger.

"Will you put one on mine, too?"

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