Single Smile

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February 24, 2014

The time passed as we all went with our daily routines. Get up, get dressed, go to class, come back, grab an apple (if there are any available) because we run low on food supplies, stare at the little silver box, do homework, go to sleep and do it again. At least that’s how mine went…

“Can you get that?” I was working on my English paper, hoping that tonight wouldn’t be full of distractions because I really need this 98 and a 94 just won’t do.

“Ugh, You get it next time.” Cassie has been agitated all this week due to the fact that her so called “boyfriend” won’t even pick his phone up… not even once… in the whole week. I told her it was time to find a new one. There isn’t anyone like him out there, she repeated but as stubborn as Cassie is, she’s already on the lookout.

Look what I got you!” Aria came bursting through the bedroom door, what was I thinking… hopefully tonight will be a peaceful night.

“What is it?” my fingers come up to the bridge of my nose to push my black framed reading glasses higher, “Why are you holding papers? Aria! Did you do my paper for me?!” I was more than elated with her because I had no idea she knew about my paper, I’ve only talked about thousands of times but I never guessed she was listening from the way her eyes were focusing on the people passing by and never responding to my questions.

“So it’s really just how Aristotle made a positive influence in the time when he began manifesting his philosophical discoveries and I hope I do well, you know how dad’s are with keeping your grades up, right?” she didn’t respond but I was hoping she was listening, she’s the only one I have to listen to my ramblings right now.

“Oh… No… That sounded like really scary to even think about writing…” I know she could tell I was a little bit disappointed by the way my back slouched on the computer chair and my lips twitched to a small frown, “But…” my attention was back on her rather than the floor, “I got you this…”

I took the papers from her hands, it looked like a questionnaire but I tried to remember flyers around in the halls but I don’t recall seeing anything, anything that caught my attention that is.

“This is an application…” I skimmed through the pieces of papers. Single Smile Café: a smile is always guaranteed.

“So you can actually get paid for working…” Aria insisted. My lips couldn’t help but twitch upward a little for the effort that Aria put into this. I was really thankful that I had her in my life. I never knew this little girl would have such a hold on my heart and it sometimes made me scared because anything can happen. Matt’s features flooded me, I realized I couldn’t lose her and not losing her meant not losing Matt. He was the only outlet holding us together.

“Louis doesn’t pay her?!” a high pitched voice interrupted Aria’s gaze.

“Apparently ‘there’s just so many people on the payroll’

Cassie and I scoffed at Aria’s imitation of Louis’ high throaty voice; she was pretty good with the accent. Going a bit overboard on the so a little.  


If there is something bothering you, don’t be such a dick to hold it inside and let everyone around you watch you suffer.

I’m such a hypocrite

“I know,” I stopped at violent ends and put my finger down on the word, I thought someone had read my thoughts and I had freaked out a bit, “no… She said it was fine…” I sighed, relieved there were no mind readers in my midst and continued reading in the little café I applied to, anticipating for the owner to come back out and call my name.

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