Chapter 102 *Adult*

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Sapph started to walk away and Joe grabbed her gently, pulling her into his arms. Lowering his mouth to hers, he kissed her, slowly tracing her mouth with his tongue and slipped it inside as she parted her lips. Nibbling her mouth, Joe ran his hand over her bottom and pressed her into the wall, sliding his hand underneath her skirt.

Sapph moaned softly, tugging at his lips with her teeth and explored his mouth with her tongue. “I love you so much Joe. Please make love to me. I need you so much baby.”

Joe pulled her skirt up, smoothing his hands over her silky bottom and rolled down her panties. Probing her mouth with his tongue, he raised her left leg with his hand and his other hand unbuttoned his pants. “I love you so much Sapph. I’ve missed you.”

Groaning, Joe slipped into her folds, kissing her hungrily as he moved within her. Joe raised her hands above her head, lacing their fingers together and sucked at her lower lip, her soft velvet lips crushed passionately to his.

“I never thought I’d see you again Joe. Ohhhhhhhh god yesssssss.” Sapph moaned, wrapping her leg tightly around Joe’s waist and cried out, cumming.

Joe thrust hard, grunting and came with her, filling her with his seed. “I love you Sapph, god how I’ve missed you.” Breathing heavily, Joe pulled back and pulled up her panties, lowering her skirt. He buttoned his pants and smiled softly at her. “Come home with me Sapph. You don’t have to be afraid of him anymore luv. I’m here now and I am going to make sure you and your children are safe.”

Sapph’s mouth trembled and she brushed tears from her eyes. “Sav doesn’t mean to hurt me Joe. I sometimes ask for it. I do things to make him angry and he just gets carried away. He’s better now. These bruises are old Joe, at least a month. I can’t leave him Joe. He needs me.”

Joe grabbed her elbows and hooked his finger under her chin, looking at her. “YOU NEVER ASKED TO BE HIT SAPPH. That bastard is abusing you. What is it going to take to get you away from him? What does he need you for a punching bag? He’s fucking your sister in case you forgot. He probably abuses her too.”

Sapph flinched, pulling away from him. “Sav told me it’s over between them and he’s been with his family every night since then. I think it’s best you leave before he gets back. I don’t want you to get hurt. I love you too much. I can’t leave Joe, don’t you see?”

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