Chapter 4 "You won't forget"

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  My days went by as usual. I kept up with my school work, attended all my parents meetings, did my chores. I hadn't seen Justin since Saturday, The day he asked me out, and it would be a lie for me to say that I didn't miss him. That boy confused me. When he was here, I didn't want him to be, or at least I played it off like that, but when he was gone, I felt empty. He was a rude ignorant jerk and only looked at girls as if they were meals, but he also showed me that he actually cares. Sometimes, I felt like I was just another girl to him but then he would do something to make me rethink that idea. Every time I finally thought I had him figured out, he did something that totally threw me off. He was unpredictable, and for some reason, I found that rather....intriguing? 

  All of these thoughts were racing through my head as I climbed into bed. It was only nine, but I had nothing better to do. I retrieved my phone from my bedside table and unlocked it. That's when I noticed the date. I groaned in frustration and tossed my phone aside. It was Friday. It had been almost a whole week with no contact whatsoever from Justin. I figured he would have at least called me by now. I buried my face into my pillow and was about to fall asleep when I heard a tapping sound. I looked around confused, decided I had imagined it and had pulled the covers up over my head when I heard it again. I growled frustrated and got out of bed.

  "Cuitie!" I heard someone shout but their voice was muffled. I looked over at my window and saw Justin there. He waved at me and motioned for me to let him in. I unlocked the window, propped it open, and he  jumped in. He looks around with a grin on his face. "So this is what my girls room looks like." He says quietly before hopping onto my bed. He lays down on his back, puts his hands behind his head and kicks off his shoes. "Justin how did you even get here in the first place?" I ask tiredly. "Easy. Climbed the wall bordering the neighborhood, jumped onto your parents balcony, and made my way over to your room." He replies. "You're an idiot. You could have gotten yourself killed" "I know. But that's why you love me." "I don't love you" I retort and walk towards my window to close it. "Not yet." Justin points out. I roll my eyes and latch up my window. "Damn babe. Wear spankes more often. They seriously make your ass look hot." "Your a pervert" I tell him and toss him a pillow at him. Justin chuckles and catches it.

  "Oh I almost forgot why I was here." He says as he sits up, crossing his legs and holding the pillow close to him. "And why are you here?" I question impatiently while taking a seat on a bean bag. "We're going on a date." Justin responds simply. "What? Now?" I ask. He nods his head as he puts my pillow aside and reaches for one of my many stuffed animals on the shelf above my head. He just so happens to grab a lion and strokes its mane absentmindly. "You like stuffed animals don't you?" He asks softly. "Yes..." I say, confused at his sudden change in personality. Just seconds ago he was being loud and rude and now he seemed so calm.

  "Huh. I'll remember that. I'll buy you lots of stuffed animals." Justin says more to himself than to me. I look at him confusedly for a while before he meets my eye. "Well what are you waiting for sexy? Go tell your parents that you are going to a friends for a sleepover or something." He instructs, returning to his old self. I roll my eyes but listen anyways. "Hey Mom?Dad?" I ask as I bound down the stairs. They're both in the living room, reading. "Yes?" my mom asks. not looking up from her book. "I know its really last minute, but Maggie is having a sleepover tonight and I wanted to know if I could go?" I lie.

  "Maggie? Is she one of your new friends? I don't remember a Maggie" "Yeah. I met her at Julias birthday party" "I suppose that's fine" "Right Harold?" she asks my father for conformation. He looks up confusedly. "She can go to Maggie's sleepover?" My mom questions. "Oh. Yeah I'm fine with it." He says and returns to his book. "Alright. You can go." My mother tells me. "Thanks!" I call as I return to my room. Justin is still laying on my bed. He looks up at me and grins when he sees me walk in. "What did you say to them angel?" "I told them that I was going to a sleepover and they said that it was fine." I inform him and he nods his head. "Alright, well you better get ready. I'll be waiting." He says and pulls his phone out of his pocket. "O-okay" I say and grab an outfit, and walk into my bathroom. I am careful to look at the door before undressing and getting in the shower. 40 minutes later, I am completely ready. I came out wearing a strapless, red, polka dot dress that came to my knees and black toms. My hair was in a braid hanging off the side of my head into a purse was slung over my shoulder.

  "I'm ready." I said as I open the bathroom door. Justin jumps off the bed, sitting my phone that he was playing on aside. "You look gorgeous Princess, but I'm afraid your gonna have to change." He tells me as he slips on his shoes. "What? Wait, why?" I question. "Because that isn't going to work for what I have planned for this date" Justin tells me as he checks his hair in the mirror. "I thought we were just going to the movies like normal people do." I reply. "Normal is boring" He says while taking a step back towards me. "Your beautiful, brilliant, and hilarious. I'm sure you've been on dates before. and I'm also sure the majority of them took you to the movies, am I right?" He asks coming closer still I nod my head.

  "Now tell me baby girl, do you remember any of them clearly? Or do all the details kind of blur together?" My back hits the wall but Justin continues advancing. He places his hands on my hips and our chests are touching. He leans down and I feel his hot breathe on my ear. "See, tonight is not going to be like that. I'm going to give you a night that your never going to forget." He promises. Then he pulls back and looks at me with a satisfied smirk.

  "Change into a pair of jeans, a shirt, and some sneakers. Then lets get out of here" Justin instructs and I nod my head, too numbed to speak. I grab a black, V-neck shirt, jeans, and a pair of red converse before going into the bathroom and changing into them. "Perfect. Lets go Babe." He says when I come out.

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