Nicki POV 

i sat next to safaree, crying still. we were there for wht seemed like forever before i could see kae. i walked in and she looked just like death. I couldnt help but cry. I kissed her forhead, and said my goodbyes. I knew that this would be the day i lost my baby girl, Lanae couldnt bear it. she was falling out. i had to take her and talk to her so she qould calm down.

"Nae, baby its ok"

"No, no, no,no . why did God do this to us ?  yo ?if he loves us so much y he keep taking my fam man?" she said in a VERY stong new york accent.

"Babe, dont question God, everythign he does, is for the best. no matter what."

"Ok, wheres michie? she aint called or nothnin?"

"Ill call he-" i got cut off  by my phone ringing. 


Michie- *Sniff * Nicki ?

N- Yes ? where are you baby girl? and whos number is this ?

M- Nic im in jail.

N- wtf ? why ?

M- i was selling weed. and smokin,, and they saw me and some dudes on the corner and checked us. 

N- Michie wtf would u do some shit like that ?

M- I dont know im sorry nicki. wheres nae ?

N- She not doin too good with kae in the hospital. Look im very dissapointed in you. ima send faree to come get u, but u are soo in trouble. 

M- ok, im sorry.

N- Yea *Hangs up *

i walked back in the room with nae and whispered in farees ear. he nodded and got up to go get mich. I sat down with my head down thinking about what i would do with out kae kae. 

The nurse walked in and looked at me.

"What ?"

"I- uhm -i -i "

"WHAT ?"

"Im sorry ms maraj.."

"What do u mean ? what are u saying ?"

"Shes gone."

i just sat there and shook my head. we just sat there and sat there and sat there. people trrying to comfort me but i didnt want it. I just sat there and held lanae close to my chest, promising i would NEVER let her go. 

Safaree walked in with mich  and someone told them the news , he walked over to me and nae and held us. Pretty soon we had to leave, so everyone went home.  Mich and nae went upstairs and i just sat on the couch with safaree. "U ok nicki ? u havent talked since we left the hospital ?"

"I dont know .."

"Want something to eat ?"

"No, "

"Drink ?"


"U sure"

"NO. , im sorry. i -i just . i just need some time alone. I love you , thank u for being ther." i kissed his lips and walked to the studio, put on some beats and just listened to some songs. i sat on the couch and thought about my baby. why did this happen to me ? me of alllll peopl ?. i still have to  tell faree im pregnant. or maybe not. 

i grabbed my keys and walked out of the door. safaree called me 


S-Where u goin ? u ok ?

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