I went home and packed up all my stuff. I knew I had to get the hell out of there. But my evil self wanted to get a reaction out of them from me leaving. So I locked the door, and tore up my room literally. I also thought hey what is better than leaving them a note in blood like in the horror movies? I picked up some shattered glass from my mirror and quickly slit my wrists.

Dear Falling Star Pack,

I am gone. You've finally got what you have wanted. I am fed up with the bullshit and the bullying I have suffered through. I will never be seen again now thanks to you. Oh and to my birth parents and the bitch go to hell. To my ex mate don't come find me because you don't want me anyhow.

Love not!,

Catalina Ramirez

I spread some of my blood around the room and smeared it on the floor. I quickly did an evil smile satisfied with my work, and jumped out my window. Thats when the change started. I knew I could not scream for they will find me, so I shed my clothes and crawled deeper into the woods. My bones cracked and popped into new places, but I felt numb already. Then suddenly the pain stopped and felt a new wind kiss my face. I hear my wolf talking to me.

"Hello little one. My name is Lily."

"Hi, I am Catalina but you may call me Lina. Are you sad that our mate rejected us?"

"I am upset, but we can get another mate and a better one at that."

"Our ex mate is trying to follow us, can you mask my scent so he won't find us?"

"Yes he will lose our scent and I will make him regret rejecting us."

"Good luck with that, our ex mate was an asshole. What if we don't find our other mate? I am pretty sure I will not be able to live anymore."

"Trust me when I say we will find him. I believe his old mate didn't love him the way we will love him."

"What do you mean? Do you already know who our other mate is?"

"Of course I know who our other mate is. My mate's name is Damon, he is an alpha so be prepared for an over-protective handsome mate."

"Over-protective, handsome, alpha, sounds like a very hot and loving mate. I look forward to having a mate to love and cherish me forever and forget about the dick of our last mate."

We masked our scent and ran in wolf form to a new pack, one that will love us more than the last one.

We ran for what seemed like hours until I ran into something I least expected.

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